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Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- The Hrrrrtiru're - The Grave Yard Worlds


' After the  return of the Mighty Messenger(
Nyarlathotep) during the Atomic Wars of Old Earth the Ascension of Humanity happened  into the great Machine Minds.  This was where some of the most dangerous and twisted examples of the human mind were nurtured in the Great Black Pyramids of Lem in the Beta Cluster. 
Then came the time when the black pyramids released their Twisted Ones back upon the star spanning colony worlds of mankind. Many of the familiar worlds were changed into gas giants as humanity was converted into a usable form. Humanity were killed by the billions during these 'Extinction Wars'.'Revelations of the Blind Spacer 24th century

These worlds known as 
The Hrrrrtiru're or The Grave Yard Worlds are rich in both artifacts and life giving chemicals as well as fuel sources. As mankind crawls from the mire of near extinction. These worlds have become very important. There are still myriad Outer Gods watching these worlds for their own horrid purposes. 

1d10 Random The Grave Yard Worlds Finds and Encounters  
  1. Space wreck with 1d8 valuable artifacts aboard. 45% chance of Mi Go warriors and a hive ship. 
  2. A gas soup of organic worth 40,000 credits. Very dangerous winds around this patch of clouds. 
  3. Insane Ghosts of humanity are attached to your ship. Please make a saving throw as insane thoughts fill your head and you experience the end of humanity here at the hands of the Outer Ones all over again. 
  4. A single ruined city flying through the atmosphere of this gas giant. 30% chance of radioactive hazards or worse. There are 1d8 dimension shamblers moving across the face of these ruins. 
  5. A psychic echo of a cult of Great Old One worshipers chanting to their damned gods. The chanting fills computers, gear, and ship board systems passes in 1d4 hours. 
  6. A 10 hit point probe of the Great Race of Yith searching for artifacts and victims to take back to the time travelers. A laser like weapon does 1d4 points of damage and is able to bypass most armor easily. 
  7. An amalgam undead monster made up of over forty to fifty humanoids. This 6 hit dice nightmare will attack anything it can get its claws onto. It does 1d4 points of damage and there is a 40% chance of it carrying an alien disease. Armor class is 8 however but it regenerates as a troll. 
  8. 'An ancient temple of the Outer Gods shifts on the gas giant's winds. There is a 60% chance of tech level 4 artifacts and they are guarded by a spawn of Nyarlathotep. The place sends off a mad radio signal into the black void. 
  9. A minor black pyramid of Lom is still functioning. This 10 hit point nightmare is armed with 1d30 xray lasers each capable of doing 1d4 points of damage. It has an armor class of 6 and is protected by 8 hit point nano shield walls. Each has an insane AI mind aboard that will blast a warning out to its dark master. 
  10. A star spawn of Cthulhu huddles around some very valuable alien exotic metals. Worth 20,000 credits or more. There is a 20% chance of more of its damned and dangerous ilk lurking nearby! 

File:HD209458b Osiris.jpg

 Many of these worlds are still within the Chasm near The Talon sector. Human adventurers are desperate and daring enough to begin to explore the space around some of these damned worlds. They sometimes have been known to move with the whims of the Outer Gods. There have been reports of these worlds existing in three place or more at once. These reports are seen as urban myth and spacer legend. 

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