Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence -The Cynus Model - Robotic Soldiers


  They have served in every major theater of the "Extinction Wars". These tireless warriors are without morals, pity, or fear. These robotic soldiers are the  true children of the genius Dr.Hans Reinhardt. They can be found even today in every corner of the universe still diligently carrying out their programs. They're weapons still at the ready to battle both friend and foe. From the halls of interstellar depots to the wreckage of spacecraft they are still ready. 

The Cynus Model - Robotic Soldiers 

One of the last artifacts of the genius of Dr. Hans Reinhardt was the "Cynus model" of robotic soldiers. The design was beamed to every single major military installation. With a combination of minium A.I. minds and simple yet effective sensor suites. The "Cynus model" came just in time as the Extinction Wars enveloped the Talon Sector.

No Appearing: 1d6 
Armor Class: 2(10 HP)
Attack Bonus : +4 
Damage: 1d8 +1 Laser Blasters 
Saving Throw: 14+
Movement : 30' 

Morale: 12
Skill: +2

The Cynus Model is usually lead by a Captain S.T.A.R. model who gains a +3 skill and weapon checks. 

The Cynus models are reliable, easy to manufacture, and continuously upgrade and as well as update themselves. These models have a wide ranging data base of many Pre Stroke, and Pre spasm weapon systems thanks to the genius of Reinhardt. 

The Gemini Blaster Weapons Systems 

The Gemini Weapon systems are powered from the internal fusion batteries of the Cynus models. This allows almost continues blaster charges. With the simple flip of a switch the Gemini can be used by any human or near humanoid. 
The system uses phased laser beams to sear flesh, tendril, etc. but leave the interior of a ship's hull undamaged unless set for such destruction.
The Gemini Blaster Weapons Systems 

Damage 1d8 +1 
Range: 100/300
Magazine : 10 
Attribute: Dex 

The Cynus Model - Robotic Soldiers  have been found manning their stations centuries aboard vessels still carrying out their programming. Because of their limited AI's they are immune to many of the mind effecting attacks of Mythos monsters. They are not bastions of personality but there have been exceptions Should an Alpha AI programming unit be installed they can develop quite complex personality matrices.
The Cynus Model - Robotic Soldiers  have seen action in every major war from Carcosa to the halls of the Cynus itself. They truly are the children of Hans Reinhardt. Tireless soldiers in the service of humanity. 


  1. Man I loved those robots. And the guns. Good stuff.

  2. I loved the guns, the robots, the ships, the sets, the background, etc. I wanted to use the robots and fill in a bit of background on them for my my game. I'll be pulling some more stuff from the 'Black Hole' very soon.


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