Monday, June 24, 2013

New Pacific Rim Trailer And Commentary.

 Pacific Rim clicks all of the buttons so far for me including Giant Robots, Lovecraftian  Giant monsters,really awesome looking action. Did I mention the "Giant Freaking Robots! 
 Just in case you missed the other trailers for the movie here they are!

 There's certainly an 'Evangelion' vibe about this film without the extensional angst that seemed to have been writ large in that anime. I'm reminded of  the 'Cthulhutech' rpg while viewing these. Yet,there's a bit of Gamera in the monsters more then 'Godzilla' here. 

This looks like its going to be one of those films that is going to have to be seen on the big screen. I expect that in the coming months we're going to see a wave of rpgs that will emulate this film if its a hit!
 Personally I can't wait!  So its looking very interesting to say the least. 


  1. This looks like so much fun.

    Time to get out my Mekton books.

  2. I hear you there Tom! The movie looks great and Mekton Zeta was made just for this type of awesome gaming! They are really doing a wonderful job selling this movie to us. There couldn't be a better marketing angle for us Mechaheads. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I didn't see it until tonight! My bad and more to come my friend!


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