Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- The Haglinca- The Oni Warriors From Beyond Time And Space


Many are the worlds that have fallen to mysterious forces of demonic warrior who will not fall or die. Warriors whose 'Pretech' clock work mechanisms return these things to life again and again. Terrible visions cloud the minds of psychics who sense the comings and goings of these things of blood and shadow. 
The Haglinca come to claim their pound of flesh and the souls of others. Let no man make that which is unholy and haunted a path to their worlds! Beware '
The Haglinca' for dead men can not die and Hell will not have these beings.  Blood, damnation, and horror are their bread and dead stars are all they leave in their paths. 

File:Antique Japanese (samurai) somen.jpg

 Created from a combination of Pretech mechanisms , dead flesh,undead spirits and the demonic planar essence from beyond time and space formed into one package. These warriors are summoned from the far corners of the planes Prime to carry out the bloody bidding of  psychics and wizards far across the Metaverse.
Number appearing: 1d6
Armor Class : 2 
Hit Dice: 3 
Attack Bonus: +3 
Damage: 1d6 vibro spear, 2d8 shear rifle, 1d2 punch, 2d8 mag rifle, 1d4 vibro sword
Skill bonus:+1 
Saving Throw: 15+
Special: Mechanism Regeneration as Troll 
These bastards are ruthless, efficient, and highly adaptable to any combat situation. They feed on the fear, terror, and horror of their victims often stalking a target that one or more will let survive from one of their forays. 
File:Samurai armor - Higgins Armory Museum - DSC05521.JPG

Even if destroyed these monsters will sometimes regenerate themselves with a hellish passion borne out of sheer revenge for their destroyers. These monsters then may 30% chance break control with their masters and seek their destroyers out.
Some of these warriors may have 2nd and 3rd level wizard spells depending upon the eras from which they are summoned. Many are quite adept with many preStroke devices and their maintenance.
Pychics who are sensitive to the 'paranormal energies' which power these mad bastards may sense them if they survive encounters with them. 
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  1. Awesome! Oni Warriors from Beyond Space and time are a greta concept.

  2. Thanks Trey! Partly inspired by an old 70's sci fi classic more coming up soon with these guys!


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