Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Go For Yer Gun'- Free Boot Hill Retroclone PDF as Source book for Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign

Once again Gorgon Milk brings the awesome. Go for your gun is a great retroclone of 'Boot Hill' style gaming. The game is free over at Rpgnow. The game weighs in at eighty one pages of Hollywood western style greatness. There are two movies that come to mind that from the Betamax era that this game would easily emulate.
Get It Right HERE

Westworld springs to mind and this is a great game to use with it. With very little tweaking the game can easily be used with SWN.
There's even a wandering monk class. Beyond the usual android action the game can simulate other science fictional westerns. But its going to only be available for a limited time! 

For failed colonies lost in the void this game is perfect for simulating the black powder weapons of another world! For Balls to the walls action this is a pretty fine choice. 

 The second choose that this game could be used for is a movie called 'Welcome To Blood City' A weird Prisonerque style western of violence, degradation, mind control, and Jack Palance! 

Between the encounter tables, the NPC's, and the adventures, 'Go For Yer Gun' simulates the violence, history, and casual gun fights of the 'Old West' on balls to the walls scale that is pretty easily converted to any retroclone! Its one that will be appearing in the near future to plague my PC's! Thanks Gorgon Milk for this one! 

There are several other classic Space Westerns that this game could easily emulate as well. Galaxina comes to mind. Along with Roger Corman's 'Battle Beyond The Stars'!
The character classes are easily converted to any number of  western archtypes and its a perfect game for generating any number of NPCs! 

Get this one before it goes off of free mode folks! Solid retroclone! 


  1. Crazy shit on cassettes and inside pulp books might be THE Major Influence. Even 30+ years on, Cylon Sheriffs and Wookie Outlaws are still awesome.

  2. Lee watch out for 'Old Dead Eye' and the Chewbacca boys, they'll tear you limb from limb. Its better to let the Wookie win.
    'Crazy shit on cassettes and inside pulp books might be THE Major Influence' are the best influences lately! More coming up in the morning.


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