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New OSR Commentary & Adventure Setting - Ghost City For Your Old School Campaigns

Ezba Wade Hyperborean  warlock, thief, student of the black arts looked over his shoulder in a bleak short sighted way.
'Are those things still back there?'
'Yes friend Ezba they are there and there are far too many of them to fight'
The pallid barbarian warrior said in a matter of fact manner as the leather armor clipped over his massive shoulders.
'Perhaps friend Thog we should hide only to catch our breath'
'Thog is not used to hiding, it is bad for one's honor to hide, but they are many & we are now few.'
'Did you have to get into a cosmological & philosophical debate with the wizard Armu Ru Thog?'
'Thog is only half Hyperborean but a very deep thinker & a well respected philosopher in his tribe'
'The wizard was wrong & how will he learn & grow if he is not told?'
'Into that ruined pile of junk there Thog!'
The screaming ravening hoard of blind & idiot masked clownlike apparitions floated by en mass dripping poisoned ectoplasm.
'What in the cold Hells were those things?'
'Dead things from 'The Before Times', their souls can't move on past this place of the dead & now we are stuck here like insects in amber Ezba'
'We should keep moving'
'That is a very good idea!', the deep melodic voice belonged to a raven haired beauty with deep green grey eyes who brandished an Amazon holy sigil & chain.
'Nana! Your alive by the twenty dark places of the nameless!' Ezbra had his arms around the Amazon priestess before she could respond. '
'You're choking me Ezbra!' ' I doubled back around them when Thog threw you to avoid that whirling green monster!' 'What about Tix?'
'Our heroic thief died as he lived with violence & honor saving me' 
Thog began to cry a bit then but gripped his bastard sword with a grip that whitened his knuckles. 
'We are not alone friend Ezbra!' The words had barely escaped Thog's throat when the spells of power were painting the throat of Ezbra. Strange & elastic shapes skittered into the great ruin of the machine thing as their eerie dead laughter echoed round the place. They were horrid unnatural plastic dead things & they hungered for the soul stuff of the living!
Just then the entire place filled with the light of a thousand burning suns as the power of a god long dead on Earth came to the add of her follower & daughter! The ghostly horrors of once people were enveloped & burned away by light too intense to imagine. 
This was followed by rivens of strange alien crimson bands of other worldly weirdness that darted too and fro to choke,destroy, and remove the last of the unmentionable ectoplasmic predators.
'Ezbra have I mentioned I hate this place?' Nana's voice was so casual about the remark that Thog & Ezbra started to giggle.

Ghost City is a massive ruined city & dungeonscape  from 'Old Earth' filled with all kinds of preternatural monsters that acts as a sort of demi plane catch all. There are sections of the mega city where the inhabitants are not even aware that they caught in a science fantasy living Hell of the undead. Everything is just as it was post invasion of the Hyperboreans & in sight of the overlords from K'n-yan. Before the departure of Hyperborea from the Earth.

Many of the weird science & strange treasures of the bygone ages now lay in ruins in the demi plane, when it comes into Hyperborea & 'Old Earth' scores of teams of adventurers set out to comb the ruins of 'Ghost city'. Many of these do not return. There are many theories of why Ghost City exists, the most prevalent being that a fragment of 'Old Earth' was dragged off of Earth when Hyperborea made its transition to the space near Saturn.
Scores of zombies, shadows, & weird undead line the place but the demons who torment some of the dead will not speak of what Earthly mega city this was. For the Earth Exploition Corporation 'Ghost City' is a key  puzzle piece in finding the secret to FTL drives which they are convinced is hidden someplace within the massive cityscape ruins. Others are not so sure as the entire place is honeycombed with strange locations and outskirts. There are hordes of ghosts, alien undead, & weird demons some not even found on Hyperborea itself.

Necromancers from all across the Old Solar system come to the Necrotic Guild one of the only permanent neighborhoods in 'Ghost city' to study the undead & preternatural monsters. Many times they have unearthed treasures & artifacts that leave far more questions then answers.

Strange demons, weird devils, and outright horrors sometimes wander certain streets. This makes 'Ghost City' a perfect breeding ground for those alchemists, & preternaturalists to study the thousands of entities that make this place their home. Often adventurers are called in to put right what some of these types of professionals disturb. Many of these entities are dangerous horrors from Outer Void.  Weird treasures and artifacts are often created by the materials of 'Ghost City' being exposed to the weird radiations and cosmic rays that are employed by the very monsters who are crossing through the supernatural breeding ground.


What is Ghost City?
Ghost City is my kitchen sink Halloween setting for my upcoming game of Second Edition Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea set within the confines of my Old Solar System campaign. There are really two fold reasons for me to have created this. One is that right now every James Mishler title on Drivethrurpg is a dollar & I love James Mishler's Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games

Now I needed a setting that wasn't going to disturb the current AS&SH second edition game. The second thing is that I love Neoplastic Press's Teratic Tome by Rafael Chandler whose putting together an OSR version of his wonderfully twisted Pandemonio setting just in time for Halloween. Oh I can already hear the belly aching, the price is going to be too high. Well, kiddos the whole Neoplastic Press Drivethru rpg catalog is pay what you want.

As for the setting of Pandemonio?
"Demons feed on innocent souls while angels obliterate cities. Humans are caught in the middle: possessed, devoured, judged, damned.
The world needs a hero. Unfortunately, there aren't any, so what the hell, you might as well give it a try.
You're a Disciple, a supernatural warrior on the front lines. Wielding bizarre magics like Sexpletive, Death Panel, Photobomb, and Gunfetti, you must hunt down the diabolical and divine, rescue innocent civilians, and maintain a grip on the tattered vestiges of your humanity. How far will you go to destroy your enemy? Will you resort to cannibalism? Are you certain? Listen, don't knock it until you've tried it."
'Ghost City' isn't the normal Hyperborea of AS&SH, it might be an alternative version of 'Old Earth' Ergo its the perfect breeding group to turn adventurers into paste.  When will Ghost City be phasing into your game worlds?

Ghost City is trade marked & copyrighted to Dark Corner Productions. All artwork used in this blog entry is public domain. The various rpg systems are not responsible in anyway for the content of blog entry nor are Dark Corner Productions officially responsible for their content. This blog entry is not an attempt to violate the trade marks or copyright of any game systems mentioned!

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