Monday, October 30, 2017

New OSR Monster - Giant Alien Skeleton Warriors For Your Old School Campaigns

" "Did you hear that?", The city guard captain spoke quietly to his fellow guardsmen
"Hear what?", the second guard had only seen something out of the corner of his eye for a moment.
'I don't know it sounded like wings or something',the captain was skeptical at best.
That's when the first skull faced freak mounted the wall & blew a cloud of candy coloured gas into the city guard's face!
The guard never had a chance to scream as the gas hardened into a glass like candy consistence on the pool fool's face!
That's when the city guard  heard a series of ram's horns blasts & then the screaming started!
The city itself only had but moments to live as the invasion had begun!
In the distance another ram's horn sounded!"

Photo shamelessly stolen from They might be Gazebos blog!
Each year they awaken at the edges of reality, giant alien skeletons of a long forgotten race by gone age entombed with enchanted weapons. These horrors hunger for violence & murder of the living. They come back to reign pumpkin spiced laced violence down upon the heads of adventurers! Lead by a winged skeleton champion these strange skeleton warriors are often found in dungeons guarding treasures or carrying out the instructions of necromancers of the Dread Pumpkin order!

Giant Alien Skeleton Warriors 

Frequency: Rare 
No Appearing 1d6 
Armor Class: 7 
Movement: 12 " 
Hit Dice:4 
% in Lair: 80% 
Treasure Type:B 
No Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attack: 1-6 or by weapon 
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon 
Spell Defenses: Can Only Be Hit By Enchanted Weapons
Stinking Pumpkin Cloud 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Low but evilly cunning 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: L 
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil 
Level & XP Value: 11/36 per hit point
Where these foul alien undead come from is not certain but necromancers of the Dread Pumpkin order each year summon these foul undead spawn from the deepest corners of the negative material plane or the plane of Shadow each year.These foul beings are three times the size of normal undead but have all of the usual immunities.
Giant Alien Skeleton Warriors are always led by a winged skeleton champion & its aide a being who always carries a horn of summoning. These two beings are always double hit points & the winged champion can fly ( the champion is always a class 'C' flyer at best).
Giant Alien Skeleton Warriors will release a stinking cloud of pumpkin spice before going into battle or during as a defense mechanism. The cloud has a twenty foot radius causing all who breath it to save vs poison or spend the next 1d4 hours gagging & coughing. This attack can be used three times per day. 

The Giant Alien Skeletons also can twice per day breath out within a ten foot radius a sugar coated cloud of candy crystal. The target mus save vs poison or be covered in a fine coating of hot sugary goodness. This is often done in the eyes or mouth of the victims acting with the same effects as a  'silence' spell in addition to acting as a choking hazard!

But this isn't all in addition to carrying an enchanted weapon able to hit victims not effected by normal weapons. These skeleton warriors who take more then six points damage from ordinary weapons will seemingly fall to the ground. It will rise up on the next round to continue the melee! Those who see this with the undead horror must save vs fear or flee in panic.

Giant Alien Skeleton Warriors are often found guarding ancient hoards of treasure that they were summoned to centuries ago. The spells & enchantments bind them to their duties. Other times necromatic cults belonging to the order of the Dread Pumpkin summons hoards of these monsters to raid cities and other areas. There are rumors of them being found with the wrecks of certain alien space craft.

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