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1d6 Random Treasures & Finds Of The Ancient Lotus Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the heart of certain Hyperborean ruins are ancient spirits of malevolent intent and dangerous aspect. These horrors are created from those who sucked down the fumes of the black lotus that grew from the corpse farms of Atlantis. These spirits are part of the family of specters created not through violence but the corpse born curse of the Black Lotus corpse flowers. They have energy drain abilities of their ilk because of the dreaded flower's connections with the Black Gulf.

These horrid spirits are addicted to the life forces of humans crave it as gives them a temporary sense of life and reality. These spirits have the appearance of addicts of the most morbid types but their eyes have been replaced by black purple orbs of the void. Their eyes tear with  a tarry black ectoplasm that causes fear & panic for anyone coming within thirty feet of its unnaturalness. Animals will not tolerate its presence at all & kill themselves to flee from it. It is is said that black lotus addiction caused the decline of the Hyperboreans and this often leads to the corpses of black lotus fiends being found with valuables. Black lotus vines are found entwined among the corpse's remains.

Upon 'Old Venus' deep within the swamp lands of the lower valleys there are the 'Spotted Purple Lotus' which grow entwined around the bones of old Hyperborean colonists. This plant only blooms when the star Aldebaran is in the house of 'El' in the Venusian sky. It is found wild among the oldest ruins &  cultivated by the dread lizardmen of Venus. They raise it using corpses of certain potent Venusian chieftains & wizards who consider it an honor to be placed among the fronds of the plants. These corpses become entwined in a mass of the plant until they become guardian monsters animated by the inherit magick of the corpses. 'Spotted Purple Lotus' powder  is worth over 6000 gold pieces per drought. It allows a wizard, druid, or even a necromancer to communicate with the Great Old One known as Sfanomoe. The monster god will grant 1d6 spells to the user but the user must make a 'Charisma' roll to gain such eldritch alien knowledge. Lotus women of Venus often hunt those who have consumed the spotted purple blossom. These horrors can smell its users up to 200 feet away and go into a blood frenzy around the pollen
Because of its strange alien connection to the monster god Sfanomoe 'spotted purple lotus' can cure any poison or radiation damage. But the user or recipient will have 1d10 strange visions as the powder courses through their brain. Many shamans, druids,and others who worship this strange being often seek out this lotus. A save vs. poison or become addicted to the lotus of
the monster god Sfanomoe.

Many strange treasures and weird artifacts are often interned with those who have been addicted to the various lotus. Their minds are consumed with matters of the occult as such visions poison their very being and they seek out weird & rude treasures of the Great Old Ones. Here are 1d6 such treasures & artifacts of the ancient addicts. Beware the fronds of the lotus adventurers or you may join the bones of those who have come before.

1d6 Random Treasures &
Finds Of The Ancient Lotus Table 

  1. A set of golden instruments used in the preparation of the the lotus powder worth 10000 gold pieces delicately craved from ivory, gold, and precious gems. 
  2. Beautifully carved knives of deep glass metal used to trim the buds of the lotus worth 7000 gold pieces and are +2 because of the demonic enchantments on them. 
  3. Nine forks of silver and gold that swim with the visions of the lotus. Druids and shamans must save vs poison handling these treasures or they will slip into visions of the lotus 
  4. A miniature brazer used to prepare the lotus enchanted with a fire elemental with Hyperborean command words carved into the bowl of the thing. It can create a 'flame strike' three times per day with a range of thirty feet. If any lotus is burned in the thing it will give visions and prophecies to the owner. Worth 30,000 gold pieces
  5. Twelve golden pipes carved from the bones of ancient Hyperborean priests worth about 7,000 gold pieces gilded with the wisdom of the ancients. When smoked with lotus powder these pipes act as a 'contact other plane' spell once per day. They are worth 20,000  to the cult of the monster god Sfanomoe. 
  6. 22 delicate carved cards made from the ivory & bones of the beasts of the .
    the monster god Sfanomoe. They are used to chop up the lotus powder and then used as a deck of prophecy cards. Once per day they will divine one future event for a user. They are worth 30000 gold pieces to an alien cult of semi demonic beings who worship the monster god Sfanomoe. They have been lost for centuries after the murder of the grand lama of this cult.

    I fain would love thee, but thy lips are fed
    With poison-honey, hivéd in a skull;
    They seem like scarlet poppies, beautiful
    For delving roots, deep-clenchèd in the dead.

    Thine eyes are coloured like the nightshade-flow'r.***
    Blent in the opiate perfume of thy breath
    Are dreams, and purple sleep, and scented death
    For him that is thy lover for an hour.

    Mandragora, within the graveyard grown,
    Hath given thee its carnal root to eat,
    And vipers, born and nurstled in a tomb,

    From fawning mouths drip venom at thy feet;
    Yet from thy lethal lips and thine alone,
    Love would I drink, as dew from poison-bloom.


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