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1d15 Random Mid Tier Ascended Transcomic Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

" In our veins was the chill of the ancient night of Time, with a premonition of the lentor of Lethe: over us, like invisible vampires, brooded the innumerous hours on their sable and unremoving pinions: the very skies were fraught with oppression, and we breathed beneath them as in a sepulcher, forever sealed with all its stagnancies of corruption and of darkness."
Ogu a dangerous alien entity from Space Adventures #11 (May-June 1954)
There are those trans cosmic entities that trade with the lesser beings of the 'Old Solar' system for amusement, profit, & see their role as cosmic jesters of the highest degrees. The humans & Hyperboreans around them see them as monsters or demons of the highest order. They wander across the face of the system causing mayhem and horror where they go.
These are the ultimate foreigners & visitors to our reality. These are strange, dangerous beings who are corrupt in every sense of the word want nothing more then to murder your PC's or worse. 
These are the 'ascended ones', beings high up on the ladder of transcosmic existence who could be considered demons or worse in the grand scheme of the dimensional & planar underworld.

Dr.Skull Pocket Comics #2 (1941)

 Many of these entities were once or are wizards of the highest orders who use a variety of magic and relic technologies to ascend to the higher realms. They often have access or have been corrupted by alien gods of the lowest orders. They often feel that they have passed beyond the norm of their species ruling over star systems or small other worldly demi Hell planes. Many have the minor powers of demons or other entities. They are immune to electricity, & poison. They take half damage from acid, cold, & fire never realizing that in actuality they have become vulnerable to clerics abilities of turning or rebuking. The elder sign can bar these beings entrance into our curved space time but only if done within a round or two of their teleporting into normal space time realm. Many are telepathic & have many demonic or chaotic traits including the ability to gate or summon demons. Many trans cosmic entities can only summon the most minor or common demons.Trans cosmic entities are often reluctant to use this power until in obvious peril or extreme circumstances.
 Many of these entities often use humans or beings of our normal space time continuum as a part of their wares or  as parts of forbidden demonic technologies.

Ikzip from Nature Boy # 5  February 1957

It seems to me that I have lived alone—
Alone, as one that liveth in a dream:
As light on coldest marble, or the gleam
Of moons eternal on a land of stone,
The days have been to me. I have but known
The silence of Thulean lands extreme—
A silence all-attending and supreme
As is the sea's enormous monotone.
Upon the waste no palmed mirages are,
But strange chimeras roam the steely light,
And cold parhelia hang on hilt and scaur
Where flowers of frost alone have bloomed. . . . I crave
The friendly clasp of finite arms, to save
My spirit from the ravening Infinite.

 1d20 Random Mid Tier Ascended
Transcomic Encounters Table
  1. Duroronarora considers itself a trader in lives, souls, & lesser entities beneath its contempt. Originally from the universe before ours, this entity deals in the brains, biological systems, & modifications to organs of life forms for others. It considers humans utterly beneath its contempt. It wears a variety of bodies from android to little boy nothing is beyond its approach to get its hands on new material. A calm, methodical psychopath of the highest order.
  2. Melcom Crowne - An A.I. born from the mind of an alien wizard, this being wanders the cosmos stealing the dreams & souls of those it can to capture the moments of existence that it sells back to the victim's races as entertainments. A monster of the lowest order that uses android bodies for its work. 
  3. Azgogorm alien whore & wizard this thing steals the dreams of innocents & clothes itself in them to experience and gain profit over others. It delights in the gore of foulness and murders wantonly. It often body switches using Yithian technology that it builds on the fly. 
  4. Werargroririma a mercenary artist  and visitor to our time space continuum it controls two star systems on a demi plane and it loves to toy with the lesser beings of our universe to create weird biological art works from our bodies. These it takes off to alien market places in weird hellish dimensions. It especially loves to use families in show pieces. 
  5. Thatula Vangllrg former succubus/incubus who now wanders infinity taking the kind energies of the old to use as a youth formula for those of evil bent. The stuff will ease the skin, wrinkles, etc by restoring 1d30 years but the victims themselves then become the next product's harvest as they are forced to do 'good' deeds. The wizard harvests their essence after 1d6 month or years.This wizard observes as a pet or companion to its victims selecting the right moment to harvest the 'product'.
  6. Olamegoroglaeg a insect traveler in the further reaches of biological experimentation. She specializes in nerves, brains, other cells of its victims which she harvests at the highest points of pleasure. This is done in the most spectacular fashion as she considers herself an artist and her clients pay for the experience of the murder as much as for the wares. She controls three bio processing facilities in the greater asteroid fields. 
  7. Ugrogot Ulingog an android seller of children's souls & innocents essences that moves with the speed of death and loves necrotic magic. This thing loves to wander from human to human colonies using biological dummies. 
  8. Ldrng the worm magus is a brain super intelligent  parasite that plays chess using people's souls as it pawns against a demonic essence. These things specialize in selling their experiences to higher trans cosmic entities. Many colonies have gone down in flames from their 'games'
  9. Halrothakordo a humble collector and seller of souls who switches bodies and controls three star systems. He also happens to control elemental magick and loves to wreck colonies for sick fun! He often freezes colonies to sell as disaster artwork to jaded demon gods. 
  10. Enturormethil Egorinca a Yithian essence that loves to murder and kill entire generations of families one victim at a time and sell the souls to the highest bidder at the moment of torture and pain. An alien body switcher and shape shifting monster 
  11. Farnarod a dealer in just brains that's all this alien insect demon takes and all it will sell. The more product it moves the better often using Mi Go brain cylinders & great old preserve it fluid. A common sight in back alley magick market. The more victims and horrors it can turn into product the better it loves it. The things claws are +3 surgical swords of the most delicate type. 
  12. Margliaunglk collector of souls and experience that body swaps its clients with its victims for the ultimate experience and pleasure but leaves them in their new bodies. That is if it happened at all because demons can often pass themselves off as wizards. 
  13. Motuguil this entity steals the precious things of families to sell back to them a generation later. A being of low caliber and demeanor it wanders from colony to colony. 
  14. Ongoturira is a wizard specializing genetic racial memories and forbidden knowledge that often offers to take a client back down the evolutionary track to moments of 'great revelation', 'incredible magick power, & 'the glory of the Great Old Ones'. A tiny part of the victim's brain is then sold on the black demonic market place for thousands of credits. It controls seven alien star systems. 
  15. Balau alien demonic wizard specializing in the dark souls of evil beings that it sells to other wizards to fuel their own twisted magics and forbidden technologies.

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