Friday, September 1, 2017

1d7 Random Low Level Sword & Sorcery Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Dusk on the sea; the fading twilight shifts'
The night wind bears the ocean's whisper dim—
Wind, on your bosom many a phantom drifts—
A silver star climbs up the blue world rim.
Wind, make the green leaves dance above me here
And idly swing my silken hammock—so;
Now, on that glimmering molten silver mere
Send the long ripples wavering to and fro.
And let your moon-white tresses touch my face
And let me know your slim-armed, cool embrace
While to my dreamy soul you whisper low.

 There is plenty of loot that flows the hands of PC's, items, relics, and treasures from a million realms. But how many of them are really life changing without the aura of magick about them? What if there are treasures from lost worlds & other places that can simply shift the role of history for a PC? There are! Each and everyday the sandal shod feet of adventurers pass over a thousand ages past's relics. There are ancient relics that have been lost to the pages of history.

Many of these treasures will be regional or local items with their own history and background endemic to the area. Because of this there may be 1d10 bandits or local outlaws interested in these items and more then willing to murder for them.

1d7 Random Low Level Sword & Sorcery Treasures Table
  1. Sixteen golden disks containing the wisdom from the far off ages of the past. These disks contain 1d100 pieces of religious and occult wisdom They are worth 40,00 gold pieces because of the rarity and inhunan medium they play only with the right mechanism 
  2. Nine silver statues of animal headed gods that were the respresentations of their respective gods. The statues are worth 20,000 gold pieces because they are hallow to certain active gods of Egyptians. 
  3. A giant key of jade worth 10,000 gold pieces because it opens the vaults of the ages which belongs to the Ancient Ones. The vaults are rumored to be in the wastelands. 
  4. Funerary vases containing ancient vials of gold that are used in elemental summoning rites and rituals. 
  5. Six caskets containing magick supplies for dangerous rites and rituals. Perfectly mundane but worth   60,000 gold pieces 
  6. A radium projection system able to create three dee holographic mental projections created by Hyperborean interfaces and mechanisms. Worth 40,000 gold pieces 
  7. Water clock of Hyperborea that counts down the dooms of the Great Old Ones as the hours draw near and stars are right. There isn't anything supernatural about it but the graviton pulse waves signal the time. This item is priceless to a wizard of dangerous aspect  

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