Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1d6 Weird Random Night Time Encounters Table For The Front Rpg & Your Old School Campaigns

During the fog of war there are times when a soldier might chance to encounter something truly odd or very unsettling that they might never speak about with anyone but their fellow soldiers. Things that cause that glassy eyed thousand yard stare into the darkness of the never where. Who knows what these men and women have seen on the battle fields and blood soaked soil of far off places. Here are 1d6 night time encounters that that can bring both the darkness of the soul and the darkness of far worse things. My advice is to use this chart sparingly.

1d6 Weird Random
Night Time Encounters Table
  1. This ancient battle field has seen more blood and violence through the centuries then it should; the PC's encounter the blood soaked ghosts of past victims and soldiers of this place's history. These souls will be both aware and try to claim the PC's to join them in their purgatory outside of space and time. The PC must elude or battle with these souls until the light of dawn breaks across the field. There will be 1d10 X6 souls for each PC but that doesn't mean that they can all affect the living. The PC's might not know this fact. 
  2. The PC encounter a fortune teller and her wandering band of refugees traveling in the night. The PC's are unaware that what they are seeing is actually travelers from WWI who have breached time and space. These poor fools will be asking for food, help,and shelter those who help them have a 40% chance of getting sucked back in time to one of the great battle fronts of WWI for 1d20 hours and might be killed back in history as the violence of war advances upon them. Their death means very little to march of history. 
  3. The PC encounter what seems to be a resistance fighter armed to the teeth hell bent on taking down the Nazi. This fighter is not what he or she seems at all. They are actually a psychotic killer whose mind has snapped under the violence of war. They will befriend the party and offer information, food, etc. but before morning sun will try to murder each and every soldier. 
  4. The PC's will come across 1d10 Nazi soldier corpses and there will be a weird black German machine gun surrounding them. This gun is actually an artifact possessed of the spirit of a demonic entity of murder and violence. The second someone picks it up they must make a save or become possessed by the combined souls of horror and violence that this thing feeds on. The entity will use the knowledge,memories, and horrors of its victims to cause anyone a -2 on any rolls because of the soldiers collected history together. 
  5. The PC encounter an old man whose stripping the dead both Allied and German of their belongings to sell to feed his family and village. There is a 40% chance of 1d10 local fighters hiding in the wings to ambush the PC's so they can join the ranks of the dead. He has a cart, donkey, and a small bell sounds when he moves his cart.
  6.  There is a strange grey mist that seems to be following the PC's as the move to their next military objective each night. This thing is actually a ghost feeding on the souls of the victims of the PC's violence. The thing has neither form nor substance but it takes a liking to a PC and might manifest as their ideal mate with some dire consequences for the party.

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