Friday, April 1, 2016

1d6 Random Wasteland Patrons & Faction Leaders Table For Crimson Dragon Slayer & Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

In the wastelands of Thule might makes right unless it happens to be the Ultra gangs and some of the factions who dwell between the city states. There are places where the certain lords and ladies of power, magick, and mayhem hold court. They try to bring a bit of peace and excellence to one another. But these patrons also are known to employ adventurers to go on special missions or errands for them. They sit back and collect the sweet rewards but the various desperate souls take all of the risks and injures. If the poor fool meets his end in the maw of a Crimson tiger or at the point of an outlaw or monster's sword or laser? There are eight more to take his or her's place.

1d6 Random Wasteland Patrons
& Faction Leaders Table

  1. PJ's Play House - The ghost with the most leads a band of merry adventurers who share his bunker 'play house' where he holds court. He's fascinated by the Earth gear that comes his way on Thule and has the money, clout, and backing to send adventurers out into the wastelands to recover it. There's a dark secret to PJ he's actually from Earth originally critica 1970 but died when his pimpmobile exploded when he made the dimensional jump to Thule. Since then his demonic overlord has kept his soul in hoc so that long as PJ entertains him. 
  2. Doc Marty The Third - The so called time traveler mad scientist  is a criminal master mind from an alternative future with a hatred for so called heroes and is always seeking arcane artifacts from other dimensions, ruins, and other locations. He lives in a converted Hollywood mansion located deep in the wastelands where he has a oasis base complete with helipad and a staff of close to a hundred servants and robots. He pays on time but is quite mad and violent with people who insist that he might be wrong. He's also a bit of a pervert and old lecher which doesn't endure him to the staff. 
  3. The Groonies - A band of retired adventurers who were led by an undead hero called One Eyed Dick; these folks have retired to the good life after finding a Crimson Dragon hoard. They employ adventurers to deal with and recover certain Thulian artifacts and the occasional barbarian treasure. They pay on time but have an obsession with maps, traps, and certain types of puzzles. 
  4. Captain Awesome and Adventurers of the Future! - A group of Saturday morning adventure program actors who became the real thing after their sets, vehicles, toys, and followers became the real thing. They now are complete opportunists training new adventurers to go out into the wastes and spread the 'awesome way'! The awesome way is a pseudo religion of blaster, sword, makes right mixed with pop culture feel good Eighties messages! The Captain and his crew of adventurers can actually be very dangerous when crossed. 
  5. The Knights of The Final Count Down - A metal hair band turned adventurers with hordes of loyal followers who are actually a necrotic cult of black wizards. They employ a weird mix of sorcery,heavy metal ethos, and zombies to get their twisted whims done which seems to be acquiring more influence and cash. The odd thing is that they can be really dangerous but none of the royalty of Thule takes the knights seriously but they do pay on time for artifacts, magick and certain relics. They also loan out certain powerful magickal treasures 
  6. Scar Face The One Eyed Gangster - A weird mutated floating eye creature who heads up one of the most powerful wasteland criminal empires in the wastelands. Scar Face is a one monster wrecking crew who has killed, murdered,and erased a good swath of the criminal elements of  Thule. He employs a wide variety of mutants, murderers, psychopaths, and wasteland gangsters on his payrolls. And he's interested in Earth artifacts especially powerful weapons and movies. The bastard has a total hard on for cheesy trashy Earth films this includes 1970's porn films on VHS. He's got a wall of televisions and VHS recorders where he watches the stuff. He pays on time but don't cross him!

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