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The Wreck Of The St.John On The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence From Kort'thalis Publishing - An Actual Play Event

 Set Up and Background
So today the plan was to get back into the on going Star Frontiers game campaign in which I've been on the other side of the screen as a player. Well that plan turned to crap as two of our players have had a family emergency and the DM was called back into work today. So right before I was leaving for the game after work I got a phone call from our dungeon master, " Hey Eric would you mind doing a quick one shot pick up adventure for tonight's game? The players are coming at seven and I know you've got something up your sleeve." So this was at five thirty after I got done with repair work. "Sure Steve that's no problem.I'll meet them over your house but you owe me a six pack of beer." So actually I did have an adventure written up as a side adventure. Right so all of this sort of goes back to the other day when Venger Satanis put the The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence on sale because of the passing of his royal purple badness.


The basic premise goes something like this; the wizard Azaliveus lives on a small temple tower complex off of the main purple haunted island. He has control of very special time  crystal that once belonged to the serpent men that controlled the island. Azaliveus uses the crystal to reach into nearby timelines and pluck adventurers, ordinary people and a few castaways scattered across time and space for a special mission.
So what actually happened here is I had six of my players generate six characters who analogs of grade B and C movie characters of their design. These were adventurers summoned by Azaliveus's time window and simply stepped through into his tower.  All of the adventurers were generated using Alpha Blue's rules and the mutation tables as well as the starting equipment and whatnot.

There were six adventurers including Steve's mutant PC Azgar The Terrible mutant overlord, Sarah's mad scientist Dr. Hilda Bramly who was quick with her twin ray guns, Adventurer/ Electrician  Norm Johnson wielder of the demon sword V'ru, Cy'bro Five free lance android adventurer, Doc Johnson gunfighter/adventurer from 1860, and Sir John The Black post apocalyptic atomic knight and bad ass.

Our party of adventurers drawn from across time and space to the tower of Azaliveus.
 The Mission
And the mission was simple really, retrieve an android head belonging to Unit #6, an android who served aboard the atomic rocket ship St.John. A zoological ship from the Federation which had crashed on a nearby isle and whose crew had spread themselves among the Purple haunted islands to seek their fortunes. The alien zoological specimens have stayed behind around the ship as if some weird hyperdimensional intelligence kept them around the time haunted space craft. And then things got really weird.

Carla our DM's wife came home and wanted to play and joined the party as Eve an assistant to Azaliveus. Or at least that's how it seemed. The party were very suspicious of Eve's motives and with good reason. Eve was actually a purple haunted island monk of chaotic bent which was secretly influencing the party.

Things got weird as the party made it to the island and after battling their way past a cult of a Lovecraftian demon spawn they finally made it to the Saint John. Two of the PC's bit the big one though giving their lives for their team mates. Dr. Hilda Bramly and Doc Johnson gave their lives to save two fellow adventurers.

The time also found out why the wizard wants the android head, or at least the real reason!?! The Saint John had encountered an outpost of the Great Race of Yith. Unit Six was under special orders to collect that data at all costs including the lives of the crew of St.John. When the St.John fell into a worm hole and ended up crashing onto the island Unit Six destroyed itself rather then let the knowledge of the Great Race fall into others hands.

The adventurers encountered a Great Martian ape on the small side island fought tooth and nail to defeat it. After dealing death to the thing our party of adventurers returned the head to Azaliveus. Then they found out he really was when one of our heroes asked him how he knew about the St.John in the first place? The response stopped the game cold, "I knew because I was the captain of the St.John."

Here's a list of random encounters I threw together for tonight's game.
 1d20 Minor Purple Island
Random Monster Encounters Table
  1.    1d20 flesh eating mutant crabs on the hunt for human flesh 
  2. 1d6 cultists of Cthlhu looking for a sacrifice for the alter 
  3. 1d8 space god cultists armed with ray pistols and out for blood. 
  4. 1d4 mutant raiders looking for slaves and 'fun' 
  5. 6d10 zombies on the hunt for human flesh. 
  6. 1d4 Radio active giant slugs 
  7. 1d6 flesh eating ghouls looking for a good time and your face for a meal. 
  8. 1d10 giant army ants looking to strip the flesh from bone 
  9. 1d6 alien drones on patrol armed with death rays 
  10. A spawn of Cthulhu on the hunt for hunt souls and prey 
  11. A wrecked space craft containing thousands of weird alien bugs 
  12. 1d6 random adventurers looking to loot some artifacts and relics 
  13. A gang of 1d6 grey aliens armed with death rays 
  14. 1d10 alien clown gangers looking for a 'good time' 
  15. A bounty hunter tracking prey across the bowels of this horrid landscape. He will murder anyone who stands in his way 
  16. A lost battalion of Revolutionary war soldiers looking for a route home, they are vary in appearance due to their rag tag nature and weapons. 
  17. A shaggoth! 
  18. Cyclops guardian looking for man flesh to eat and consume. 
  19. A pack of rabid Blink dogs on the hunt for prey and they are very dangerous. 
  20. Analogs and dopplegangers of the PC's begin to hunt them during certain portions of the adventure.

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