Sunday, April 17, 2016

Playing In A Mutant Future/Gamma World First Edition Mash Up Game Featuring Tim Snider's Weed World A Free Mutant Future Adventure Part II

The second half of my Gamma World/Mutant Future mash up adventure using Tim Snider's Weed World free adventure. The DM threw us a curve ball by introducing several dangling adventure plots that were presented in the Famine in Fargo adventure.

During today's hex wanderings our party of adventurers ran into the cutest overtly large bunny men coming up over a rise. We didn't even stay around at all! The hoop warriors didn't spot us thank the Atom! We ran quite literally and didn't look back! We surprised the hell out of the DM who expected us to engage these mutant bastards!?! No way our tribe had dealt with them before during the events from the Famine in Far Go adventure's events as a random encounter! I had lost a character to these mutant rabbit jack holes after a pure strain human adventurer had become trapped in rubberized power armor and died! My party had lost a boat load of relics that were changed to rubber dog toys and we didn't stick around.

But we ran straight into a band of androids doing some looting of their own, these warriors and a thinker we recovering ancient relics for some nefarious purpose and we attacked with extreme prejudice for their loot and the XP's. They were tough and combat went on for a while and they were armed with slug throwers as well as some black powder weapons. There were eight of them and six of us.

Some of us got very lucky on our die rolls and it was rather interesting to find that they were recovering weird chests of the ancients, plus jewelry, a card of the Ancients for one of their sub monsters and a map of the legendary vaults. The androids were a hate of old times and thought of as a legendary monster of myth. We wrapped up tonight by taking our treasures back to our village. Our village elders told us that some of these relics may have come from the legendary temple of the Warden but that is a quest for another day my children.

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