Saturday, April 16, 2016

Playing In A Mutant Future/Gamma World First Edition Mash Up Game Featuring Tim Snider's Weed World A Free Mutant Future Adventure

I'm finally back home and your Uncle Eric is back with some Gamma World's first edition's goodness. I have been drifting back to the wastelands of the post apocalyptic once again. I have been searching my memory of when I first encountered this wonderful science fantasy game. My memory falls back to a Seventies kitchen with an olive green refrigerator, a kitchen table, and this rules book has been burned into my back brain by a  radioactive cloud of mutation.Gamma World was my second go to game before Advanced Dungeons and Dragons's hard backs. Well today was a trip down memory land and a reminder that Gamma World first edition is a game to be respected.

Today I got a chance to crack some dice after work with some friends around ye old table with my friend Mike whose in Connecticut for the weekend handling his mother's estate. We got a chance to talk, BS, drink some beer and get out our Gamma World first edition PC's. Today's game adventure took place after the Famine in Far Go events which we had played through about two years ago.
Ward's Mutated Humanoid Gart The Wise 5th rank
Mike's Pure Strain Human fourth rank warrior Rick Number Five
My Mutated Plant Creature Alex Holland 6th rank (more Heap Then Swamp Thing)
Sarah's Esper mutant Hilda of the Pure Eye fifth Rank 
Jarmie's mutant Racoon Rocko fourth rank warrior

The village seemed safe but in reality a brand new threat had loomed its head as mutated nature took it upon herself to begin covering the village in weeds! Now one would think I'd have some sort of an advantage being a plant umm no because in fact I had worked on my guy as a warrior and mutated monster. The threat here came via Tim Snider's free Mutant Future adventure Weed World. We almost got our collective asses handed to us via some of the weird twists that this adventure today took.

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow but Far Go is safe but sadly we are now missing a mutated Raccoon. The plot of Weed World goes something like this;"Weed World: Within the last month, the growth of vegetation has accelerated, threatening to overrun your post-apocalyptic village. Does a children's story of 'The Devil's Greenhouse' hold the key to survival?"
I've still got to play through the second half of this adventure tomorrow after a rather nasty little encounter at night. But there are a few things I'd like to add about Gamma World first edition. This is a game to be respected and its still a nasty piece of work. Here's ten thoughts about Gamma World first edition:
  1. Gamma World really gives and levels the playing field for the DM and there's lots of ways to die out in the field. 
  2. Mutant Monsters with funny names are not nice at all. Gamma World gives the DM lots of latitude for expansion and DYI fun as needed. 
  3. Gamma World first edition handles mental mutations and psionics better then Advanced Dungeons and Dragons first edition. 
  4. God I wish we had a cleric. The crossover effort with AD&D 1st edition might have helped at certain times during the game. 
  5. I almost blew the party away after trying to figure out that I had acquired a hand grenade or death egg as we called it. 
  6. Plant monsters are the unsung bane of Gamma World sure everyone talks about the Hoops let me tell you they don't hold a candle to Gamma World plant monsters. 
  7. The proto Advanced Dungeons and Dragons combat system is smooth for those who are used to the ins and outs of it. 
  8. Maybe we should have played straight Gamma World, Mutant Future gives the damn dungeon master too many options. 
  9. I loath being a player after so many years behind the DM's screen. I haven't played in a year and I find myself very rusty when it comes to the player pain factor. 
  10. I really respect the tight design and system writing of Gamma World first edition. I will get Michael to have his turn at my table soon. Oh yes very soon indeed. I have a cunning plan in mind already.

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