Friday, April 22, 2016

Merchant Princes, Star Frontiers, and Commentary On The Free Star Frontiers Adventure Dramune Run (Star Frontiers module SFKH1) by Doug Niles

So last night two of our players didn't show up for our Star Frontiers game due to a family emergency. That left us drinking beer and discussing the Star Frontier adventures that were planning on being run as part of an on going campaign. The DM began to delve into the background of the Sathar war and the looming clouds of intergalactic war gathering on the horizon. One of the adventures that kept coming up was the Dramune Run (Star Frontiers module SFKH1) by Doug Niles because the players wanted to make a profit from the rumored war  and set themselves up as merchant princes. Dramune Run was created to be run with the Knight Hawk's rules and takes the PC's into the world of smuggling, trading, and they end up making a cargo run for a man on the run from the Mob.


The advantage to this module is the fact that it takes place on a very well known and more then slightly dangerous intergalactic trade route. This can lead to all kinds of adventure opportunity for the DM if he's willing to plug in and take full advantage of his own campaign's Star Frontier's background.

"Dramune! A system of conflict at the edge of the frontier. Its two life-bearing planets stand poised on opposite sides of an uneasy peace. Only the thin leash of one planet's democratic idealism prevents interplanetary war.
Far across the galaxy, a dying captain carries an explosive secret. In his battered but swift freighter he hides a curious cargo. A cargo that will snap the leash preserving Dramune's peace.
The captain has one last wish: to find a new crew and take his secret home. And he has one great obstacle: a notorious crime czar with a troop of slimy thugs. The odds are against the captain and his new crew, but together they must make this last voyage — the Dramune Run.
Dramune Run is an adventure designed for the STAR FRONTIERS game system, including the original role-playing game, Alpha Dawn, and its space-faring sequel, Knight Hawks. Both games are needed to play Dramune Run, which combines boardgame space combat with mystery, intrigue, and fantastic new characters for a thrilling science fiction role-playing adventure."

Download the Knight Hawk Rules Here

 So why take full advantage of this style of adventure for your old school Star Frontiers game? Because it gives the PC's extra income between adventures and also draws them deeper into this region of space. A perfect set up for extended campaign play for getting them back to the table. Here's why;"
Four planets orbit Dramune. In order from the star they are Close Reach, Inner Reach, Outer Reach and Lost Reach. The middle two are habitable. Tendrils extend from the Xagyg Dust Nebula into the system, reaching beyond beyond the orbit of the outermost planets." There a ton of detail right over here on this Wiki. but there are also some major spoilers as well.
This adventure can be set up from the  Mission to Alcazzar (SF4) adventure or back tracked into Dramune Run through the Mob and smuggler contacts in both adventures. This gives a back consistency to the entire intergalactic affair and highlights one of the strengths of the Star Frontier systems. The idea of a dynamic, evolving, and changing sandbox on intergalactic scale set against the backstory of the Sathar Wars.(WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)
  Is this a perfect module? Not by any means but it does give a nice blueprint for creating your own campaign level adventures set against the backdrop of the Star Frontiers universe. It also has plenty of room to DYI your own set ups and ideas for all kinds of Star Frontiers and intergalactic adventures. Star Frontiers still remains a cult classic intergalactic set of go to old school rpgs.

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