Friday, April 8, 2016

1d6 Random Space Adventurer's Encounter Table For The Alpha Blue Rpg System Or Your Old School Space Operas

Part of the charm and dangers of Alpha Blue is running into some of the meanest and most dangerous space scum you've ever seen. The station boasts an across the board cross section of weird and down right dangerous space adventurers your likely to have a party run into. These dangerous and somewhat deranged folks are often looking for any opportunity to get laid as well as their next high. Many times their desperation is your party's opportunity to exploit for adventure and profit in the wilds of space.

Adventurers are very aggressive and there is a 20 % chance of an adventurers having a relic or valuable item that they've picked in their travels.
1d6 Random Space Adventurer's Encounter Table
  1. Uni Trianth space detective and adventurer at large; this buxom and highly trained space detective has come to Alpha Blue hot on the trail of a cargo of stolen sex toys and highly illegal weapons systems that are said to be sold to the highest bidder aboard the station. She has already run afoul of the Federation and is looking of a party of fools ermm adventurers to help her take blame for this mess. 
  2. Jargo Zazaxi - This Zedi warrior is a servant of the old order who is being chased down by a whiny self absorbed black guard Zedi warrior who is looking to be punished for an oversight on his part. Jargo is trying to get a drink and get laid but not necessarily in that order. 
  3.  The Star of Romia - This incredibly beautiful space princess is actually the latest victim of a dangerous and highly valuable demonic artifact from Thule. The Star has taken over the body of this space princess and has been using her for over year to steal, cheat, and generally do loads of may hem in her name. 
  4. Tray of The Amazonria - This shape shifting warrior princess from an ancient people has escaped from her life of honor and duty to enter the world of high stakes adventure and space going sleaze. She has two targets for shake down operations but she needs adventurers and a ship. Perhaps your her ticket into the big time. 
  5.  Helix Go - This alien gambler god from another dimension is looking to spread and take over several new markets. He is looking for two or more representatives to expand his religion's bases, support, and generally make him higher profile. This can be down through a series of elemental horror encounters and she needs the adventurers help. 
  6. A space plumber and his brother are looking to steal back a powerful artifact and princess from a reptilian alien overlord though out his holdings. They're looking to recruit some adventurers to help with two of the lesser known castles. They are willing to reward adventurers who help them with several alien artifacts. 

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