Thursday, April 21, 2016

1d20 'What's Inside The Dead Space Colonist' Random Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Those exploring abandoned space colonies, failed planetary colonies, and other places where mankind has left his thumbprint on existence can often come across corpses or remains of those who seek to pioneer the high frontiers of space. These strange encounters often still have the victims of misfortune trapped by circumstances. Here is a handy chart of 1d20 relics, weirdness, and deadly encounters with what might be inside the dead colonist or adventurer's corpse or body.

1d20 Random 'What's Inside The Dead Space Colonist's Body Table
  1. A large metallic plate covered with alien writing and with a strange radioactive signature upon it's surface. The place is sending out a pulse like radio wave into space in the higher electromagnetic band. 
  2. A strange alien fetus has been implanted in a wound in the upper chest of the colonist's corpse. The thing is feeding off the bodily fluids of the corpse. 
  3. There are twenty four golden coins with alien writing on them surgically embedded on the corpse. Worth a cool ten thousand credits. 
  4. A copy of the colony's charter written on a metal page which has been sewn onto the victim's skin. 
  5. A dead alien animal has been sewn into the flesh of the colonist for unknown reasons. There is a 40% chance of these things living. 
  6. There are alien amphibian eggs below the surface of the skin of the victim. They will hatch and try to take over the planet. 
  7. A strange crystal chip about four inches long and covered in alien glyph like designs  has been placed just below the skin and strange filament like growths have grown from it in the last twenty four hours. 
  8. A strange engine like alien device has been implanted within the head of the victim and it operates even as the victim is dead. 
  9. Bio implants are growing all over the victim's body and some strange  pulsing living tissue that covers most of the face can be seen. The victim is alive but just. 
  10. There are thousands of micro crystals all over the skin of the corpse and any movement will shatter the victim
  11. A map of a nearby star system has been laser tattooed onto the victim's face and it will be there for along time to come. There are several spots outlined in the tattoo. 
  12. A wafer sized sliver of a nanomachine has been implanted in the upper part of the victim's skull and transmits a single pulse of low grade radiation at regular times. 
  13. An alien bug has embedded itself into the base of the still living victim's skull and will turn the poor fool into a Ju Ju zombie in less then twenty four hours under the bug's control. 
  14. A strange crystal is growing from the victim's nose and glows with an inner light. Any attempt to remove it will do 1d4 points of damage to both the victim and the fool who tries to interfere with it. 
  15. Ten pure silver wafers have been placed into the victim's mouth and his mouth has been sewn shot with copper wire. 
  16. A cybernetic system has been grafted to the victim for unknown purposes. The system continues to work
  17. Dozens of metal spikes have been driven into the victim's flesh and yet he or she still lives.
  18. The victim as thousands of metal wires thread through their flesh and they have been turned into an alien radio station sending and receiving hundreds of transmissions every eight seconds. 
  19. Twelve dozen colonists have been fused together into a strange bio organic computer of alien design and unknown purposes. 
  20. The colonist has been taken over by a major arch demon from the eighth dimension.

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