Friday, April 15, 2016

1d6 Alpha Blue Rpg Random Sleazy Adventurer Patron Employer NPC's Table For Your Old School Space Campaign

Alpha Blue is a dynamic and weird space going brothel roaming from system to system always on the move for more business, stock & trade, and a place where adventure seems to find you regardless of what you might want. There are movers and shakers in the interstellar shadows who are always looking for raw talent and in need of skilled hands to employ. Perhaps they are drawn by the aura of lust and desperation of the place or the sheer lawlessness of Alpha Blue or maybe their simply horny bastards. But here are six random patron employers to bedevil and harry your space scum with.

1d6 Alpha Blue Rpg Random Sleazy
Adventurer Patron Employer  NPC's Table
  1. Naxvarious The Notorious One -  No one is quite sure where the space lizard king of crime came from but he suddenly appeared in the mall level of Alpha Blue and began to recruit adventurers and outlaws for his schemes and weird other worldly jobs which always involve sex and porn runners. There are rumors that he's a former Lovecraftian god of lust and his weird waxy covered penis like tendril skin seems to bore this out. But no one gets to close to check he has a brace of space frog warrior body guards who do his bidding through his telepathic commands. He has more then vaguely disturbing voice that sounds like a demented Mr.Rogers jacked up on too much helium. Nax to his friends can grant clerical spells of a very twisted nature once per day. These will be 1d4 random spells from a dark magick list. 
  2. Hands Drafus The Lonely Traveler - He has been around for 12 billion years and he is a being of great power who is found in the remote gambling dens of Alpha Blue with nine perfectly formed lady androids who carry out his every wish. Hands it is rumored has some connection with the The S’rulyan Vault. He loves to gamble with the souls and lives of his employees wagering the darkness of the PC's soul against his own assignments. He pays on time and deals out his sins upon his employee's wagers just as fast. He often has fondness for smuggling and bank jobs but why is not known. 
  3. Leirla The Many Lobed Thing - One part Lovecraftian horror and one part alien sex goddess this weird alien goddess sits at the bars of Alpha Blue feeding from the sexual energies of the aura of Alpha. She uses adventurers as both amusement and as warriors carrying out dangerous assignments for remote and expensive relics as well as artifacts across the universe for wealthy clients. Not all of these clients are even remotely human. She also collects the manhoods and brains of particularly choice warriors.
  4. MR.QS - A blank faced salesman thing from another dimension this being sells the lives and memories of adventurers to jaded gods from other dimensions. He is always on the look out for new talent to exploit and use. He sends adventurers after dangerous treasures for the amusement of his audience pool. He also has a passion for telepathic sex with certain Alpha Blue facilitators. He is often found in the lounges and back rooms of certain telepathic pleasure rooms. He pays on time but may take 1d4 random precious PC memories for kicks. 
  5. The Traveling Tumor of Titan - A short and twisted mutated dwarf who is actually the mind of a god that has wandered off from its parent. This being travels the cosmos in search of the rare and unusual biological artifacts. He specializes in collecting these things and adding their unique identities into his own to grow his own power.  He employs adventurers and outlaws to recover these things throughout time and space for him. He has been known to eat the souls of those who displease him in infinitely hellish slices. He hangs around the sexual gardens of Alpha Blue's Flamingo room. 
  6. The Singing Preacher - A strange and very alien preacher for a sex god who drifts in orgasmic bliss and shares its state with its worshipers. This being is also one of the most dangerous interstellar jewel thieves in known dimensions. It possesses and uses proxy adventurers to pull off its jobs and assignments for it. This is not permanent but a temporary possession that lasts for 1d6 months. The Preacher is the god's go between in this universe and is a very polite monster often apologizing for devouring the souls of its victims that displease its god.

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