Monday, April 11, 2016

The Free Old School Rpg Horror Resource Protodimension Magazine Issue #26 March 2016 For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Well, it finally hit the streets yesterday, Protodimension magazine Issue #26 March 2016 
has hit the ground running. There is some solid material in this newest issue of the venerable horror magazine. You get a really solid cross section of old school material for Dark Conspiracy starting off  with the NPC Mr. Fitch by  CW Kelson III (Tad) for Dark Conspiracy and a brand new monster Loup-Garou (Demon Wolf) by Tim Bisaillon for Dark Conspiracy. This monster works on a number of levels for the game. There are two pieces of fiction with old school horror adventure potential for Call of Cthulhu; "Sleeping With Beauty, Fiction by me and  "I Love You I Love You," said the Little Blue Man, Blue fiction by Shae Davidson for Bucky both of which have lots of  hooks for plenty of table top game mileage.
What's on the Shelf, Ammunition packaging by Jason D. McEwen for Dark Conspiracy has some great material that can be inserted into your old school game campaigns. I really like The Order of the Veiled Eyes, A great  hunter cell by Scott McClenaghan for Dark Conspiracy that could be dropped into the back end of a campaign for some extra punch. And finally Profile : Riley Groff, Neuropath, An NPC/Contact by Richard Hayden for Dark Conspiracy which rounds out the entire issue. The artwork is very well done. The lay out is better then half of the professional stuff I've seen lately.
I'm totally blown away as per usual with this stuff. So go download it & you won't be sorry. Tell em Needles send ya!

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