Friday, April 8, 2016

1d6 Random Wasteland Elemental Plane of Fire Manifestations & Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaign

Between the islands  of civilization the deep sands of  the wastelands there are places where the heart of the Earth churns with outrage and violence against the outrages of the ancients and their wars. The Earth rages its anger and elemental fury at the mistakes and incidents of mankind, these often manifest in the form of wounds or volcanic activity across the wastes in unexpected ways. There is a 5% chance when traveling across the wastelands that some random volcanic activity will tear open a fissure or other weird Earth filled event.
These places of violent and often weird manifestations of unexpected energies often tear holes in the local space time continuum allowing the entrance of visitors from other planes, times, and dimensions. One of the most common manifestations is the intrusion of visitors from the Elemental planes of Fire.

Here then are a 1d6 Random Wasteland Elemental Plane of Fire Manifestations & Encounters Table to bedevil your PC's with in your post apocalyptic adventures. Slavers and the like will often carry cheap and semi magical elemental survival collars so as not to damage the merchandise. These will have enchantments such as elemental survival built into them; they allow beings to breath, exist without food, and are considered by many races to be as bad as living in a sort of living death like state.

1d6 Random Wasteland Elemental Plane of Fire Manifestations
& Encounters Table

  1. 1d6 B/X Fire salamanders tearing each other apart and now running down the fiery remains of lava and destruction as a fissure explodes out from a near by point where your party is. Valuable molten metal and ore cracks from the rock and stone at their passage though.
  2.  A gang of 1d8 Monster Manual Salamanders are surveying the area and planning mayhem upon this plane; should they notice your party they will be very interested in acquiring you for slavery purposes to sell in one of the many exotic markets back on the planes of Fire. 
  3. A gang of 1d10 fire newts is moving among the lava and overflow marking out valauble finds. They're more then happy to find a party of adventurers among the various debris and whatnot around the area. There is a 40% chance they have mounts and other weird tech with them. 
  4. A nest of 1d6 giant Fiend Folio fire toads basks in the heat of a nearby lava tube. They are looking for fleshy prey and any movement may attract they're attention. 
  5. 1d6 dancing fire jinn 'girls' who are actually fire spirits using their abilities to create these weird illusions among the flames. They are attempting to attract fools to this sight for their fire demon slaver masters who wait in the wings. 
  6. A gaggle of 1d8 rock worms wait just below the surface to explode forth and wreck havoc upon the prime material fools above them. The presence of such life forms hurts the delicate senses of the worms!

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