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Last SubTrain To London - Dungeon Crawl Classics /Crawling Under A Broken Moon Actual Play Event Based on Issue #13 of The Crawling Under A Broken Moon Fanzine

  Adventure Set Up On The Half Sell
What do you do when your wargaming plans go up in smoke? Well, pull out DCC/Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue #13 and get the bones rolling. Here's how things went down.

So tonight I had four players which then became five and finally six, I supposed to be playing a bit of SPI's Invasion America. But instead two of my players had to go back to work and help straighten out a work related situation. Needless to say the entire evening was completely zonked up or was it. Thanks to the handy review email I from Crawling Under A Broken Moon's Reid San Filippo I had a copy of Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue#13 on my hard drive on my lap top.

So we were setting up the board and in wanders my two players and they wanted to know what this crap was with the Invasion America board? The Invasion America game is only for four to five players and if these two were here tonight it meant that the others would be along any minute. "We're doing Crawling Under A Broken Moon tonight. Didn't you get my text?" "Umm no?!" "So its Wizard Time"
"Damn straight it is" So once again I'm pulling a game straight out of my rear and getting these reprobates into the meat grinder that's Crawling's Umerica. Then the last of the players showed up and wanted to know what's going on? "Well, Eric's running DCC 's Crawling Under A Broken Moon and we're going to be using the Invasion America map tonight." Why were we using the Invasion America map? Because like many of the war games of yore each of the hexes is numbered making it ideal for hex crawling. This issue of Crawling Under a Broken Moon issue thirteen has some solid resources.

Earlier in the day I was listening to some classic Electric Light Orchestra and 'Last Train to London' came on hence the title. The PC's were already in the upper part of 'Merica after having been generated through one of the meat grinder DCC funnels in past Crawling Issues/DCC rpg adventures. It has been some months since I last did anything with DCC and my family has had some health issues so things have been on hold on my end. Anyhow, the PC's last tangled with some of the forces of the fast food gods of the wastelands.
In tonight's game the PC's break down goes something like this:
Steven - Mani  Von Frihoffor Orthodox Cleric of Buddy O’Burger 2nd level 
Jason - Elvis The Righteous Wielder of the +1  Demon Chain Saw Groovy  3rd level fighter 
Maddy - Olivia Xanadu - Wizardess Of The Elf Queen - 2nd level wizard with The Elf King/Queen as patron 
Rick - HU- Man  Aetherian Hero 2nd level with his giant cougar mount Zelda
Jason - Z 47 - Grey Hero ( Jason insisted on playing a Grey/ Elf variant from this issue of Crawling Under A Broken Moon) 
Darlene - Sheila The Many Tentacled - Mutant Fighter 2nd level 
Basically I pulled everything quite literally out of issue thirteen, the PC's were still on the run from traditionalist Buddy O'Burger followers of Stockwell Mass and hot footed it back into Necticut after dealing with some bandits and causing a massive dust up between the bandits and Buddy's cult. They stole a war wagon from one of the bandits and hot footed down to London Necticut where next to the Necticut river came the ruins of London. They heard the rumors there of the great Subtrain, "Rumors abound in the northern parts of the east coast of Umerica that under the nearly flattened ruins of old Delphia city lies a catacomb of tunnels lined with rail tracks. It is said that in these tunnels, a hideous Beast guards a fabulous cache of valuable salvage. None who have ventured there have ever returned, so everyone
says…"  They heard this around the camp fires of the Greys who were living in a part of the ruined city.

So basically this issue features a great article called An Interesting Place to Die The Rail Tunnels of the Delphia Beast by Reid San Filippo and I completely changed around all of the details including the setting, the adventure details, etc to suit my game tonight. Certain details were filled in on the fly using the Fantastic Post-Apocalyptic Ad venture Idea Generator By Diogo Nogueira which worked out really well but the adventure encounter took the players by surprise. Its a deadly little affair and it really worked over the party with two character deaths early.
Darlene - Sheila The Many Tentacled - Mutant Fighter 2nd level bought it quickly in the tunnels when she got turned around and ran smack into some petrol zombies. Her death wasn't pretty and the party mourned her for a nano second before almost having to deal with a random deathbot that they accidentally activated when they rolled poorly. tonight. I rolled this bad boy up on one of the many smoke breaks tonight. This game proved to be more of a challenge then they thought. They actually ran and hid much to the bot's temper when it awoke the Railipede living in one of the side tunnels this was another monster that was featured in this issue.

The  Railipede caught up with the party and dissolved  Jason - Elvis The Righteous with a spray of acidic goo that caused the fighter to die a not so righteous death. Groovy is now lost in those tunnels and already another member of the Elvis family awoke in a cold sweat to go and claim the family demonic heirloom. The death bot and  Railipede's melee gave the party time to access a side vault and they found themselves within a small treasure room and they had access to some very valuable artifacts including a Bart doll. This is a high honor among the Greys. There were also a few electrical generators and water purifier units which were life saving but nothing compared to the Bart! There was also a shadowy presence in the background of the vault watching and waiting, it might be a luck eater demon. "The Illxiljlixlli, locally known as Luck Eaters, are a form of demon from another dimension."

The luck eater is going to be stalking the party in future endeavors of  heroes!

The players decided to remain in the area for the moment, will this give the cult of Buddy O'Burger to catch up with them and purge the heretic  Mani  Von Frihoffor Orthodox Cleric of Buddy O’Burger  from within Grey's midst? What of the quest for Groovy? Will the Elvis clan be able to claim back it's honor and their demon chain saw? What about Z 47 & Olivia Xanadu will their forbidden love survive in the face of certain death by the Railipede and his tribe? Well, that kids is a story for another time in a future installment of  our post apocalyptic escapades. 

    Just in case you haven't picked up this issue of Crawling Under A Broken Moon go do that right now. This is a great issue across the board. There wasn't one article that I didn't use in tonight's off the cuff game. Just in case I didn't mention it. I was utterly responsible for using SPI's Invasion America map and the creators of Crawling Under A Broken Moon had nothing to do with it. Alright so basically this was one of the titular issues of Crawling that I've seen and its full of very useful articles for running a Crawling Under A Broken Moon campaign. While we DCC fans are waiting for Mutant Crawl Classics to mutate onto the rpg market place this wonderful fanzine is going to have to do for now. This issue features a whole ton of stuff that can be adapted to DCC or your own DYI post apocalyptic campaigns.
 This issue contains:
>the Fantastic Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Idea Generator
>An Interesting Place to Die: The Rail Tunnels of the Delphia Beast
>Racial Recast: An alternative Elf class
>A Death Bots creation guide

  Note this is a great fanzine for building your own version of 'Merica and the fanzine gives all the parts and pieces you'll need. Where you're going to put those pieces is up to you in your post apocalyptic wasteland. But it sure is a great set of post apocalpytic tools to add to a campaign. My recommendation is too grab this one.

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