Sunday, March 1, 2020

Tyranny and Mutation - The Planet Algol Blues For 'The Transmaniacon' For Your Old School Campaigns

Have you talked with your Transmaniacon recruiter today?
Joining only costs you your sanity &  soul

One of the main reasons why I got into blogging was being inspired by other OSR bloggers. The scene wasn't so terribly commercialized. That would come much later on but one of the early blogs that I read was Planet Algol. At some point was gonna be an OSR gonzo science fantasy rule book but delays happened & at some point I guess real life happened. It was one of the blogs that got me going in the OSR & blogging in general. But over the weekend I took another look at the brilliancy of the blog for my Cha'alt/Godbound campaign sessions. If I've got one group of OSR bastards I'd love to include its the Biker Sorcerers serving Nyarlahotep 'The Transmaniacon'.  I've used this gang of transdimensional bastard bikers before. The roar of their fusion cycles still causes my players a chill. 

A baby faced Transmaniacon bike scout/sorcerer member  watching for adventurers to hassle (plunder). 

This motor cycle gang of sorcerer bastards hung out on an Earth that had undergone an atomic war back in the 1950's among other dimensional locations  such as Interzone. As for an unusual spell selection I quickly used Hereticwerks blog  'Twenty Deadly Planes' entry for a really unusual OSR  twist on the usual Dungeons & Dragons spell lists. 
For levels & such for these NPC bikers from beyond the Outer Darkness I'm using the usual necromaner's class from Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg. 

Typical Gang Member 

No Appearing: 1 to 1d20 or d100 for a war party
Armor Class: 6
Move: 150 (50) or by fusion cycle
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: By Weapon, Fire Arm 1-10,By Spell,
Special: 3/Times per day Plane shift, Charm, Suggestion, Polymorph Other, Neutralize Poison,Cause Fear, Darkness
1d6 Chaos mutations most easily hidden.
Intelligence: High to Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium

Transmaniacon often recruit the best & brightest of rebels, bullies, party animals, etc. from alternative Earth high schools, colleges, & even military think tanks. But they have been known recruit promising wastelanders, mutants, ruffians, etc. The black gang even going so far as to press gang soldiers & sailors who have nothing to live for. The initiation ritual involves riding across the forbidden straights of the Outer Darkness near the edge of existence. The experience/ritual drives the subject mad while opening them up to the mind shattering influences of Nyarlathotep. Others are brought to Los Vegas to party with Randell Flagg at the ritual event known as Trans Con which happens each year at an undisclosed location. 

This blog post has been completlely inspired by the insane genius  of the Planet Algol blog

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