Friday, March 13, 2020

Black Roads & Deodanths of Destruction - Play Session Report Cha'alt/Godbound Campaign

 Godbound/Cha'alt game has been an adventure unto itself. The Corona virus scare has made my gaming & even blogging very interesting in Connecticut. Half of my day was gathering supplies,shopping, & then finally settling in for my usual Friday night game. In tonight's game I have a gang of Deodanth acting as a  hit squad warriors to take out the party. The Deodanths are working for the Egg of Coot. They've been tracking the party for the better part of three months. 
Dealing with these Deodanth took up a good proportion of the evening. The Deodanths had replaced a good portion of the dragon king's soldiers & almost succeeding in doing in the party. 

The Deodanths in tonight's games came from the Underworld Cleaning Service blog from 2012. 
The most evil race of nasties this side of bloody,bloody, Arduin. We had encountered a Deodanth war party.
 The Deodanths are a race of chaotic evil undead, demonic, Elven/catmen race  created as a biological weapon from the  far future by an unknown power. They have been sent back or escaped back in time to the Arduin campaign setting/multiverse.

Deodanth concept art by Greg Espinosa for the Arduin Monster Cards,1977

The in
 my experience Deodanths are truly nasty customers & should never be underestimated in any way,shape, or form.. Now if I was going to run Arduin then I'd want to run it smooth, simple, & OSR quick. That brings me to  J. Miskimen's Ruins of Arduin. This is a Swords & Wizardry homage to the original Arduin & its free! Completely  compatible with Swords & Wizardry, fast, its free, & its very easy to use!

The deodanths infiltrated the mob that was attacking the walls of the dragon king's city state. The walls of the city state were attacked by clock work cybernetic zombies working for the Egg as fodder. The zombies senses were connected to the Egg itself.

Deodanth with trophy head available from Emperor's Choice Games here. 
Off in the distance a cackling cybernetic presence tries to open a night road below the castle's walls but the PC's weren't having it. The portal mage fought off the attack as a horde of deodanth knights were prepared to mob our heroes.

The gods of the black pyramid are amused & are using the Egg of Coot in their machinations but what will happen coming!? 

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