Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Dungeon Jugglers of Yuhzri -New OSR Monster Faction For Your Old School Campaigns

"Captain Cronus what are they doing? "
"I have no idea Warboy "
'But the pattern seems so dark, & yet there's so many colours there'
'So many pretty colours'

The dungeon jugglers of Yuhzri are a troupe of performance artist/dungeon monsters made up of various  Yzel,brain lashers,  & blind morlocks   who come to various alien dungeons & other worldly ruins. They come for the tortured magical energies that dead adventurers leave behind. Psicon telepathic blades & instruments are juggled & thrown enabling bits & flakes of weird psychic radiation to be placed in intricate patterns of runes & seemingly random glyph work.  
These are woven into black  magical constructs & pieces of artwork on the floors of dungeons. The reason is unknown but many black wizards bask in these works of art. 

Those poor fools who catch a performance of the dungeon jugglers of Yuhzri must save vs spells or be compelled to become a part of the violent actions of the troupe. They will be blissfully aware of the trans psychic energies around them even as their body takes damage from the scalpels, knives, & blades of the troupe. Their blood, tissues,etc. will become a part of the finished work of art.

These works pulse & change with the weird outlaying energies of the blackest of leylines always running across places of violence & depravity. These artworks focus the psychic energies of adventurers actions to Someplace Else. Those who stand & look at them are often drawn into dark emotional places. These viewers must save vs spells or be totally absorbed by the weird musics, tones, and patterns that only they can see. Hours, days, months, etc will pass for the viewer & they will stand transfixed for 1d8 months caught in 'the outsider space & time' that the pattern work creates. It is said that some of these pieces of performance artwork & patterns are completely outside known local space time  that Morlocks, & Brainlashers use them as a form of entertainment across the planes.

The Dungeon Jugglers of Yuhzri often work in a wide variety of venues including the most dangerous of cross planar zones. These places often have 'special pattern performance pieces' that the Dungeon Jugglers of Yuhzri pass on to other alien & outsider races as 'gifts' pity the poor foolish adventurers that come across these pieces. Their effects can be disastrous. Those who encounter these special patterns must save vs wands or devices to not  suffer their

1d6 Random Special Performance
 Artwork Pattern Pieces By 
The Dungeon Jugglers of Yuhzri
Encounter Table 
  1. The pattern begins to weaken the bonds of self for the target & their existence comes apart in a strangely colorful display as their existence is transformed as a random polymorph spell. 
  2. Part of the viewer's mind is replaced with a Great Race of Yith's mind is a split pattern existence of artwork & insanity. 
  3. The poor fool is left at the end of time holding one of the great eggs of Yor. 
  4. Several judges of the dead stand observing the naked form of the viewer. They will begin to close in to feed upon the feast of the soul 
  5. The poor fool has become a part of one of the operas of 'He Who Will Not Be Named But Has Other Names'.
  6. The songs of Azathuth form around & in the head of the viewer.
'Art copyright 2017 Garrisonjames. Used by permission..' 
The Dungeon Jugglers of Yuhzri @ copyright & trade mark Dark Corner Productions 2017

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