Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Gamma World Fourth Edition Blues - OSR Campaign Commentary

With yesterday's blog entry I've been taking another look at Gamma World fourth edition once again.This one was always a personal favorite because it was usable with the old TSR Buck Rogers rpg & even D20 with quite a bit of twisting. Hell there's even a conversion article for TSR Buck Rogers game right over here. 

But for some reason we're never supposed to speak about the Buck Rogers rpg because of the whole twisted history of Lorraine Williams. Personally I loath the whole affair but the Buck Rogers rpg remains a good & solid addition to Gamma World fourth edition. I've been looking into actually doing something with Buck Rogers because of my Cha'alt/Godbound rpg game. 

Its been a couple of years since I cracked my notes on these two games. The Buck Rogers Rpg 'Hardware' book is awesome & is equally useful for Gamma World fourth edition. The Treasures of the Ancients book has some really nasty bits & pieces in it. There's lots of fun things to get the party into all kinds of trouble. 

GWA1 Treasures of the Ancients by Dale "Slade" Henson which remains almost unsung by gamers except the Gamma World fans & players. Dale "Slade" Henson  did both of these books for TSR back in '93. Recently they've become available & I've used both of these books for Mutant Future since the game came out. There's a certain Gamma World or ruined Earth flavor to these books. Plus that fourth edition Gamma World artwork on Treasures of the Ancients makes it so iconic of the 90's TSR era. 

The fact that its easily available through Drivethurpg makes me very happy for two reasons. One these books are now affordable for just about everyone. Two their easily adaptable to any of the earlier eras of AD&D first or second edition. Plus it gives me an excuse to dust off my notes for Gamma World Gamma Knights soon. 

Sure this marks a low point in TSR productions but their so much good solid classic material here to mine for my campaign.Fourth edition Gamma World's Gamma World Gamma Knights  could be ported over to the Cha'alt setting allowing spice frackers & death stalker anti paladins to emerge from the purple desert sands.

I have to step up my game campaign with dreams of desert versions of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual owl bears bearing down on a party of reprobate adventurers looking to cause harm. 

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