Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Drive ins, Diners, Demons, & Cha'alt - Cha'alt/Godbound Campaign Commentary Session Report Part Nine 1/2

 "From Nexus one could travel to an infinite variety of worlds, both high fantasy and super-high-tech, past, present, and future. The city of Nexus itself is mercurial by nature, always shifting and changing as doors to worlds close and new ones open bringing in a portion of their reality to the city itself. There are factions within the city that try to control things, control worlds, &  even the nature of all existence!"

So last night I was talking with a player & friend of mine about bringing in one of his PC's that he retired ages ago. Terrence was a royal half elf that migrated across two friends D&D campaigns until finally finding his own in Nexus the Infinite City. But my Godbound/Cha'alt campaign has been making some of my players notologic.  

My working/playing  copy of Nexus The Infinite City so used with the cover worn off.

But now my players are after me to dust off my Nexus campaign notes & the interdimensional city location with incredibly dangerous adventure threads I left hanging from eons ago. Adventure threads that cross over into Venger Satanis's Cha'alt especially. The intergalactic  wasteland desert merges with & crosses over at several points because of Venger's obscure pop culture references.

One of which happens to be a faction of time travelers from Cha'alt past who are out to rewrite the wrongs of the planet's past. These interfering manipulators happen to have embroiled themselves accidentally with Terrence's dealings with the dragon king in my game. Also the party learned about a shipment of 'Red Zorth' ( +2 to all melee damage, add in two extra spells if wizard as the insanity of the cosmos pours into your PC's head.)  an occult & supernatural combat drug was on its way to the Egg of Coot's forces. The drug is a more refined version of 
But then there's the little matter of a demonic drive in just outside of the Grand Canyon kingdom of the dragon king. This adventure location was created way back in the days of my Nexus The Infinite City campaign. I made this location using a combination of Jeff Grubs's Manual of the Planes & Mayfair Games Demons I as well as Demons II sets.

The drive in is a pristine 1950's drive in with giant screen, beautiful classic movies, and the smells of incredible concession stand food all being served by roller skating waitresses. Its enough to make you weep and the price is only your soul. The drive in screen itself is actually a demonic gateway ready to pour demon soldiers into this  shattered reality! This seals are broken & things are getting very dangerous indeed.

Jeff Grubb's Manual of the Planes was always a favorite to thumb through growing up & other worldly plane adventures were & are my specialty. There wasn't a Planescape in sight when this book came out & man did I get it in the neck growing up for liking this 'dry commentary' on the planes.

I used 'The Manual of The Planes' to flesh out some of the planar weirdness that happening around the black pyramid in last week's game. We've got a cybernetic Voltan gunning for the PC's whist some of Greyhawk's finest have shown up on Earth's door step in two week's game session 
Greyhawk Comes To Town - Specter of the Gunmen Will the PC's shut down the drive in? Will Voltan catch up with the PC's? Will Terrence ever get his blades into his demonic rival?!
Greyhawk's finest have made plane fall & will this be the end of our party?! 

Tun in this coming week! Secret demonic fruity assassins are after the party. 

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