Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Free Castles & Crusades Along With Free Module & 'Pay What You Want' OSR & Fifth Edition Adventure Round up

In today's 'free stuff being offered in the Pandemic' category we have a really motley OSR assortment of rule book & adventure material for your download perusal.  The 'light at the end of the tunnel' deal comes from Troll Lord Games whose offering the Castles & Crusades main rule book for free along with the 'Wandering God' fiction book. 

The second up is Levi Combs along with  the folks at Sockitos present   Power Wood Adventure which is ;" a free kid-friendly coloring book that you can share with your kiddos while we’re all tryingto get through this COVID-19 quarantine. It’s tough out there right now, but hope-fully this brings a little bit of extra joy to your household."
Power Word Adventure is cute & solid for what it does.

And finally there's 'BX3Temple of Mercy' by 
Ben Barsh which is an awesome 'pay what you like' B/X adventure. Now this adventure clocks in at twenty four pages of B/X joy and it really does a nice job of taking the Sword & Sorcery vibe into B/X Dungeons & Dragons.

This is an adventure for experienced PC's & its no joke. The traps are lethal, the danger is real, & the execution is well done. The nice part about BX3 The Temple of Mercy is that its completely set up & go; "The Temple of Mercy is an adventure module designed for the BX RPG system. Temple of Mercy is designed for six, third level characters using the Basic and Expert game rules. This adventure will advance the characters to fourth level by the conclusion. Many years ago, a fanatic cult claimed a sanctuary as a base for plotting their wicked ways. They named their redoubt the Temple of Mercy because it is where new followers would journey to repent of their sins and be granted mercy. It is unclear how the cult was defeated, but they vanished nearly 120 years ago. The temple has been quite since the disappearance of the vile clan. Recently, a religious order of holy priests has been interested in claiming the temple as their own. They are looking for bold adventurers to slay sinister monsters, evade treacherous traps, and bring glory to the forgotten Temple of Mercy! "
This is a solid says what it does on the tin adventure. The DM can simply drop it into their on going campaign & run it! Very nice & generous from Pacesetter. My opinion is to grab it. The layout, set up, & cartography is nice.

Finally I ran across  TGK1 Assault on Theramour Keep by Tim Krause. Even though this is a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons product its got a few cool bits to it.

  TGK1 Assault on Theramour Keep by Tim Krause  is a fifth edition 'pay what you want' module but its easily adapted to Castles & Crusades! This is a really interesting module because of the following;"Assault on Theramour’s Keep (TGK1) is intended to accomplish what might easily, and best, be described as some kind of mash-up of the three D&D module examples but with some key differences. First, this adventure really is intended for first-level characters who will have to rely more on their tactical abilities than on player characteristics to be successful. Second, the scale of the battles is more significant, and will be more challenging, for the DM. Last, however, the module is designed to truly aid the DM in managing an environment that attempts to provide some structure. However, it should nevertheless provide players the flexibility to think about a large number of ways to find a solution and protect the Keep. In doing so, there is a rather extensive Appendix that is designed to provide resources so that the DM can effectively, accurately, and efficiently help his players have a rich and rewarding experience with this module. " 

So its sort of an entire module, & mini wargaming system unto itself. I like the design, layout, & some of the cartography. But where the module shines is the competing armies. This brings a different & unique perspective to 
TGK1 Assault on Theramour Keep & could keep the module & play action going. I can't wait to try TGK1 Assault on Theramour Keep! 
I want to thanks all of the designers, writers, & companies that have stepped up during the world wide Pandemic. I especially want to thank all of the essential employees out there putting their lives on the line to keep things going. Thanks everyone! Stay positive & healthy. 

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