Saturday, March 28, 2020

OSR Review & Commentary On Courtney Campbell's Megadungeon issue #1 From Hack & Slash Publishing For Your OSR or Old School Campaigns

Just got off the phone with my wife to thank her for her gift. The second gift arrived this morning & that's Courtney Campbell's Megadungeon issue #1. This is another old school or OSR  fanzine but this fanzine is day & night compared to James V. West's Black Pudding. Megadungeon isn't your average OSR fanzine.

Everything in Megadungeon issue #1  is keyed to the creation, philosophy, & work of the megadungeon as a key adventure & campaign location setting. Everything here is dual -statted for B/X and 5e.  There is a lot of thought here about every aspect of the mega dungeon but that's what one comes to expect from the author of the Hack & Slash blog.
What's actually useful is whole package which is geared for creating your own megadungeon for your games. What makes the whole cloth package for B/X Dungeons & Dragons style games.

If you want a sample of the type of quality that one expects from Courtney C. Campbell then grab the 'pay what you want' title  Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design document here.  
 Courtney Campbell's Megadungeon issue #1 takes this quality & turns the dial up to eleven for megadungeon design.

This is done through dungeon adventures, NPC's, & adventure locations but with a wide breath & length of the author's wit & insight into the subject of the megadungeon philosophy at the table top level. This is never boring & plugs into the Basic & Expert style of Dungeons & Dragons. This makes Megadungeon issue #1 both accessible & never boring to me. The ideas & philosophy in Megadungeon issue #1 are tuned in & turned on to an OSR campaign especially along the lines of Labyrinth Lord or the 1981 D&D Basic Set edited by Tom Moldvay, and its accompanying Expert Set by David "Zeb" Cook. But what makes it different is Courtney Campbell's exacution & wrap around OSR presentation.
There's are five areas where 
 Megadungeon issue #1 shines! These are very easy to pin down for the dungeon master because they are so steadily guided but not mocked in this fanzine. The author knows his audience & takes that into account: 
  1.  Megadungeon issue #1 features solidly made  pair of introductory areas to what could be an excellent megadungeon and  cartography. 
  2. Easy to drag & drop in NPC's 
  3. Excellent dungeon & mega dungeon adventure design philosophy. 
  4. The point between excellence & not preachy OSR writing. 
  5. A solid on point fanzine & nothing more.
All of this adds up to making Courtney Campbell's Megadungeon issue #1.  a solid five outta five product. My wife knows quality OSR gifts when she she's em folks! Thanks for this! Grab this one for your OSR & Old School adventures! 

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