Monday, March 30, 2020

Review & Commentary On The Free 1-3 Menzter Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 'Fugitive (AJ1)' by Alex Johnson

'Fugitive (AJ1)' by Alex Johnson is the sort of a module that sneaks up on one when your not expecting it. Made specifically for Mentzer Basic Dungeons & Dragons this is the module that your players are not gonna be expecting.

"The most vile of criminals was recently apprehended. The only thing worse than knowing the crimes he committed is knowing that he has just escaped. A short wilderness adventure for Basic level characters intended to be completed in one session (8 hours or less)."

Basically your after a vile necromancer, & there are some really nice twists & turns here. The adventure is short & nasty living up to its name. 'Fugitive (AJ1)' has just enough for a beginning adventure to wet the appetites of the players. PC's are gonna have to be careful in this one. 'Fugitive (AJ1)' is designed for the lower strata of old school play but that doesn't mean that its cheap or exploitative in its execution.  This is a bare bones Mentzer D&D adventure with all of the Sword & Sorcery weirdness that it entertains.

'Fugitive (AJ1)' Right Over Here 

'Fugitive (AJ1)' takes the PC's & throws them in the middle of action. It allows the DM to bring the heat of their own campaign to the table while using 'Fugitive (AJ1)' as the appetizer. This means that the DM is more in control of the encounters & entertainments of 'Fugitive (AJ1)'.

'Fugitive (AJ1)
For Your Old School Or OSR Games

 'Fugitive (AJ1)' shines because its readily adaptable to any number of old school or Swords & Sorcery campaigns. The one module that immediately comes to mind is Gary Gygax's T1 The Village of Hommlet. Here's where the village can stand into the events depicted in  'Fugitive (AJ1)' & still stand out because this could readily become a village adventure event in the great scheme of Hommlet.

The struggle between gods and demons when the Temple of Elemental Evil dove tails nicely into the world of Zarrin is a priest who has sought power over life and death. He could well be a very minor player in greater schemes of the Temple of Elemental Evil but circumstances have brought him very low indeed. 'Fugitive (AJ1)' by Alex Johnson is a really nice change up from the usual lower level adventures I've seen with a very engaging hook, a few nice encounters, & a very adaptable plot for your old school campaigns. 

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