Saturday, March 14, 2020

Two More Freebie Adventures & How To Create A Mini Sword & Sorcery Swamp OSR Campaign To Go!

"The Frog Idol has stood in the Black Mire for ages untold – an idol of an ancient and forgotten god who now only manifests through this ancient rock in a forgotten place. However, with the conquest of the dwarven citadel of Kuln by the giants, adventurers have been seen again in the city of Coruvon. And from Coruvon, the Black Mire is always in sight. This adventure is designed as a site-based adventure setting for a party of characters of levels 3-6 set in the Black Mire west of the city of Coruvon."

So I'm just catching up with the cancellation of GaryCon because of the pandemic & the fall out from the table top convention season. Sorry for all my friends who have had their plans changed & I hope that you stay healthy. Last night after I got home at five A.M. from gaming & what not I was poking around Dyson Logos site. I came across one of his older adventures done for the Fat Frog Challenge called “Challenge of the Frog Idol”, 'it is a 21-page digest-format PDF which is bit of a hex crawl with some railroad options built in (it comes equipped with a quest, but feel free to ignore it)'. We're gonna do a bit more then that today & that's because I was looking at Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea last night. 
“Challenge of the Frog Idol” makes an excellent addition to 'The Black Moss Hag of Lug' starting adventure in the AS&SH rule book especially as the town of Swampgate makes a beautiful adventure addendum to city of Coruvon. The Black Mire  featured in the “Challenge of the Frog Idol” fits the AS&SH narrative of  the 'Green Death'.  Because this is a Labyrinth Lord adventure it slots easily into the AS&SH system. The source of the Ironflow river could in fact be the source of swamps of Swampgate. Further dungeons could be placed within this area with little issue.

With a bit of campaign juggling on the dungeon master's part this whole adventure pattern could be used to tie the Iron Flow river into the villages of the NPC's that appear in Ben Ball's AS&SH adventure Beneath the Comet! 
Beneath the comet is on sale right on Drivethrurpg.

I always loved the Peter Mullen cover on Beneath the Comet.

Now if the events of Beneath the Comet conclude & the adventurers want to get sucked into the area around 'Swamp Gate' Dyson's The Tomb of Durahn Oakenshield. This adventure has all of the hallmarks to keep this swamp filled Viking style adventure Hellromp going. 

If the dungeon master wanted to keep up the theme of fetid swamp filled old school adventure then  Merle M. Rasmussen's X6 Quagmire fills the bill nicely for the areas around Swampgate to be filled in with lots of adventure locations. This even includes a race of lost men ala another group of Hyperboreans deep in the peat filled hellscape of  AS&SH.

So to recap for this adventure path it would be: 

  1. 'The Black Moss Hag of Lug' from the AS&SH rule book 
  2.  Dyson's The Tomb of Durahn Oakenshield
  3. “Challenge of the Frog Idol”
  4. Ben Ball's AS&SH adventure Beneath the Comet! 
  5.  Merle M. Rasmussen's X6 Quagmire 
This adventure path should with little issue take the PCs from level one through ten. Anything beyond that is up to the DM. But this fetid mini campaign should last a couple of months at least or longer! 

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