Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Role Aids Demons & Sentinels Angle - Cha'alt/Godbound rpg Campaign Session Report Update

"Now come the Sentinels: creatures of godly origin with the harrowing task of combatting demonic evil. Can you solicit these divine guardians to aid you in the great struggle, or will they oppose you as they reveal some grander scheme against the Infernus?" The Sentinels Sourcepack includes: * The Sentinels Sourcebook, explaining the mythos of the seven Domains of Heaven and the unique methods of the Sentinels you reside there. The sourcebook also introduces the race of the Scions and the Elysiat and Seraphist character class. * The Adventure Book, containing a complete, multi-part adventure designed to embroil your characters in the activities of the Sentinels, as well as suggestions for ongoing campaigns. * Two beautiful player handouts: the Treatise on our Divine Aid, giving an explanation of the Sentinels and their history from the character's point of view; and The Delicate Maul of Bright Shadows, detailing the insane ramblings of a member of the Cabal who plots the overthrow of the divine Domains. * Dozens of Monster Folio sheets detailing the Sentinel hierarchy of each glorious Domain. COMPATIBLE WITH AD&D 1 & 2ND EDITION."

So last night my copy of Mayfair Demons I & II box sets along with my Sentinels box set all in the name of my Cha'alt/Godbound rpg campaign. I want to turn up the heat on the PC's plus do an email campaign update. There are two  very nasty classes in the form of the the Elysiat and Seraphist character class. Both of these classes are used to summon angels & that's where things are gonna get dicey. In my Cha'alt campaign the planar walls of this prime plane Earth are very thin. This is seen as an opportunity by a Chaotic Elysiat order to summon an Outcast Sentinel to Earth.These folks take the very nature of angels & use them for personal gain. These guys were the scum of my games. Peddlers in the names, ranks, & divine favors of the Heavens. They are  a cult unto themselves.  Things are not gonna go well at all for said order & it could go down hill for this prime Earth. So all of the adventure options are on the table top.
Its literally been a couple of years since I dusted off these campaign notes but with everything going on with the Pandemic. Events feel very much like the Y2K era or worse. So that apocalyptic buzz in the air fuels some campaign ideas.

Cha'alt itself as an adventure plot point has a Lovecraftian  ticking clock because of the very nature of the planet. But because the planar wave has such a central point in the game campaign I've been really going through my notes. Finding a decent copy of Mayfair Demons I & II box sets at a reasonable price can be had here. So with events happening on Earth its not going to take the principalities & presidents of the Infernus (another part of the infinite Abyss) from sticking their infernal noses into the business of Earth again. 
The Apocalypse box set is a game changer. This set can flip a game campaign very quickly & right off the bat establish the mood & frame of reference for a campaign.

As more & more of my Cha'alt campaign takes over Earth the fight grows more Lovcraftian & pseudo apocalyptic. It reminds me of a combination of the Rifts rpg, Gamma World,& Hellboy in equal measure with a spin of Venger's usual sleazy ball intergalactic hi jinks thrown in.

The armies of the Hyperboreans from Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg have been making life a living Hell for many of the lowly humans in the setting. These poor bastard have summoned any number of  heroes. These heroes & adventurers have ended up fight with each other more often then the monsters menacing humanity. 

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