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Tainted Words, Wounds, & Mayfair Games Demons II Box Set By Kevin Hassall - Campaign Commentary

"In Demons, you met the lords of the Infernus. now learn the dark secrets of these evil fiends, their methods most foul and how they taint the world of mortals. Learn too, how they might be sought out and destroyed. The world has faced no greater threat than the palpable evil that is... Demons! ~ The Demons II source pack includes: * An 80 page game master's book detailing how demons act and how they taint the world around them; * A 48 page book of demonic adventures; * The 32 page "Razor of Righteousness", a tome which discusses how demons may be recognized, hunted and eradicated; * The "History of the Endeavor", a book of notes describing the Cabal, a brotherhood of ambitious thaumaturgists; * A new character class, the Inquisitor,his habits and techniques; * Expanded information on Slayers, Thaumaturgists and half-demons; * Descriptions of the Gates, the demons' pathways to the plane prime; * Information on the ways of the demon-worshiping cults; * Dozens of demon-wrought magic items and adventure inspirations!"


So I've been getting it in the neck for posting a lot about Mayfair Games Demons box set. Well its time to start pissing off some more folks with the Demons II follow up. 1993 was a banner year for the Demons line with this box set setting the standard for Infernus fueled horrors at the table top! 
 Kevin Hassall really knocked it out of the park with this one. For a B/X Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition game campaign this was a killer add on. The foundation that was laid out in the first Demons box set is built upon here. Factions, cults, & more is used to great effect within the setting. The player hand outs set the stage for bringing down the home grown aspect of some of these cults. The demonic  taint here spreads out like ripples on the fetid water of a campaign. This makes this set a good choice for a retroclone system such as Labyrinth Lord or Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades. 

The e
xpanded information on Slayers, Thaumaturgists and half-demons ports very easily over into the system of Castles & Crusades. By reversing it we can see how this information ports over into a super hero or pulp setting ala Amazing Adventures! rpg. Time & again we see this happening in various Troll Lord products something that Mayfair toyed with all the way back in the 90's. 
Campaign cohesion is something that a dungeon master has to work at & with elements from Demons II the job is easier. The contents of this box set are excellent & well worth tracking down. The Infernus is detailed but not enough to cause a DM headaches when it comes to adding or subtracting elements from their campaigns.

Heroes & PC's need to be heroic these are foes that come off as dangerous, deranged, damaged, & diabolic without the players wanting to play them. Make no mistake about this. These are forces that Luz is subcontracting & already the players are waiting to kick ass.
I've already been asked by several players how is Luz commanding these forces? What is the connection to Greyhawk?! What are the links to the classic campaign?!  Sorry folks your just going to have to arrange your schedules and play!

We already know that Luz's maternal grandmother through adoption is Baba Yaga & already an an army of evil men, terrible wizards and savage orcs has been seen in Russia & parts of the United States. This ties in with the Demons II box set & especially The Codex Slavorum from Troll Lords. 

This ties in with several of Luz's other relatives & some of his enemies as well! I'm having a glorious time with all of this! Do I think that you should pick up the Demons II box set? Yes if you can find it cheaply? Certainly! 

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