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Dungeons & Demons - Mayfair Games Demons Box Set One - OSR Campaign Commentary

So today was a flurry of phone calls & emails. I got a chance to grill DM Steve on what exactly he's gotten me into. I spoke with him about using Mayfair games Demons box set one to create our demon hit squad. Already in the works is another player's paladin to head off said squad of demons from prematurely ending the player's PC's. What is Demons?!

 "Demons is an supplement source book for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition role playing game. The work was written and published by Mayfair Games. The work appeared in 1992 and was the first of many books to add more detail on demons in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition which, at that point in time, had removed Demons from the game."Most of my campaign notes were/are a B/X & Advanced Dungeons & Dragons hybrid so Demons way back in the mists of the 1992 era are perfectly suited for this setting. 
"FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH AD&D 2ND EDITION. Eons ago...they were imprisoned in a vast inferno for fomenting a conflict amidst the gods themselves. Now, they're loose and free to prey upon the will of man. Run out of challenges? Try matching wits with the embodiment of all evil. The Demons sourcepack includes: * 48 pages of hole-punched monster descriptions, covering the demons and the inhabitants of their inferno lairs, for your players to add to other game materials; * An 80-page game master's booklet; * The 64-page Infernicum Mallemancia, an ancient book of demon lore that provides your players with all the clues they need to tackle and defeat their diabolical adversaries; * New character classes, including the demon-summoning Thaumaturgist and the demon-hunting Slayer; * Rules for half-demon player characters; * Dozens of new spells and new magic items; * A Full color, 22 "x 34" map; * A complete adventure; and the most powerful spells in fantasy role-playing!"

So I've been reviewing the box set & going over how to really flesh out the beasts that are going to take down my player's PC demi gods. I've also been rereading the Godbound rpg as well. Godbound brings a Hell of a lot to the table pardon the pun. Some of the factions & adversaries are very much at home in the background that I'm planning. The setting material does fit what I've got planned but the cult faction rules are going to be a selling point. Working all of these moving parts & pieces will test my skill but I'm having a great time with it. Godbound is well written &  designed skillfully better then to a certain extent Stars Without Numbers because of the way it handles divinities.  Does it fit Mayfairs Demon line? In a back handed manner, yes. 

Everything from the Apocalypse to the Angel erm Sentinels is in there. Demons are highly dangerous  yet completely motivated for chaos & murder. My players seem absolutely worried! I couldn't be happier but as a dungeon master. The players seem genuinely motivated to move forward with game play as soon as possible. 
I spoke about the rise of the Primorial dragons the other day on this blog but one of my players mentioned the possibility of a species of Spectral dragon appearing? A Spectral Dragon is one of those monsters that I've only seen on the in passing from the Mayfair Dragons Role Aids book. But I came across a spectral dragon conversion on the Vaults of Pandius website. 
Is it possible that one of these monsters might be seen within the game? I believe it is. 
The demons are acting as mercenary forces in Luz's invasion force. They revel in chaos, violence, & destruction so Earth is perfect breeding ground for them. You can see the set up already!

Already demonic scouts are prowling through the city streets looking for the PC's. But there are other forces at play looking to stave off the growing threat. But what of the artifact of Luz itself? Rumors are that its established a base of operation with anyone of the growing number of cults within the city.  The demons seem to be attracted to several dungeons that the PC's have cleared out over the last couple of months when DM Steve ran the player's PC's through them.
Then there's the suspicion that I'm going to pull several monsters out of the B/X Dungeons & Dragons Expert set? Since several of my players actually read this blog I will not confirm nor deny this.

What I will say is that I can confirm that several of the dungeons have doorways that lead straight into the Infernicum. Players should be very afraid & indeed because there are a lot of fronts in this war. Many of the entities that are mentioned in the Demons box set remind me of the demonic monsters that we've seen the classic Marvel  Dr. Strange comic book. Creatures motivated by more then simple needs & wants that human beings can understand but truly alien horror lurking just under the surface. Zom is a great example of the type of unique & utterly dangerous forces that we find in the Demons Box set.

These forces are utterly unique but fit in the divine quasi ecology of fiction that we find running as a thread throughout the Mayfair Role Aids line. 

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