Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cults Of The Demon Lord Orcus For Sword & Sorery & Modern Old School Campagins

Orcus the name conjures up images of the roiling chaos  of the Abyss's demon lord  of the undead. His power has been growing across the dimensions & now its taking hold in its ancient bases of power.
ithin certain esoteric grimoires the secret teachings of the demon lord are revealed. The pen & the promise are given to certain upper strata pf society citizens in modern cities where the name of the demon lord are unknown to the average person. The promise of the right of rulership of the mace & the pleasures of the flesh give way to the hard lessons of immortality of undeath. The initiate passes from one ring to the other in the esoteric descent into the the depravities of the secret societies & cults of Orcus.

The anti clerics of the demon lord of the undeath pass themselves off in polite society easily with the pin of the mace visible to those in the know. Often times coming from both the lowest layer to the heights of ruler ship these ladies & gentlemen are raised in the chaotic teachings of the lord through his witches groves that dot Europe even in the midst of the busiest of cities.
Skulls Power belonging to former priests & wise women are coveted items of power among these pupils of darkness. These skulls have the abilities of a spell book of an anti cleric of 6th or better & they have a 'speak with the dead' ability available once per week.
These skulls are often secreted in very difficult places to reach symbolizing the ascent of power for cultists wishing to gain the power associated with the state of undeath.

Those who join with a temple of the demon god Orcus are forever marked by chaos in no small way but often these can be subtle 'tells' of the power. Once progress is made into the ranks then the far more devious mutations will result in 1d8 years

1d6 Random Chaos Tells of Orcus Table 
  1. An aura of uneasy surrounds the acolyte  -1 on Charisma based rolls. There's an aura of unreality about this person. Small animals & children will fear & try to flee him or her. 
  2. Power of The Ancients - This person seems like they crackle with the vitality & weirdness of undeath. They are vitally energized in a hyper & almost desperate way about them but it gives them an edge in combat +1 to all initiative based rolls.  The person is paranoid & those around him feel it within them. 
  3. Digits of death - There is something not quite right about the person's skin and it takes on a bit of unhealthy aspect. They look normal in every respect but their hands look like those of a corpse. They are unnatural & strange to the touch. 
  4. Irises of The Wyrd - Every once in a while if this person becomes excited or angry they're eyes brim with the unnatural power of the demon lord. During this periods for 1d4 rounds those in their presence react as if they were subject to occult power as per the fear spell. 
  5. The person cries blue tears which cause any plants they touch to wither & grow brittle instantly. This happens when others laugh or joke 
  6. The person's pinky is a wrinkled mass of a stump resembling the face of an old man. The thing is twisted & knotted into the shape similar to a ram's horn but is fully functional 
In large urban areas the 'brides of Orcus' operate out of bordellos & less then upper crust establishments these chaotic networks of prostitutes, thieves, & assassins operate as spy network & nest of clans. These cults  that deal in the coin of information & destroying the lives of pillars of society in scandal & murder. They operate in grand & spectacular fashion to cause the most chaos in society they can as sacrifices to their lord & master. These organizations often use sin & other means of the flesh to entice new members into their ranks. They also specialize in kidnapping, extortion, slavery & true thieves guild activities while using chaotic acts of violence to further their ends. These groups are known to use minor cells as scapegoats for Lawful authorities
The Children of Orcus are some of the most dangerous & chaotic of the cults of Orcus. These beings often operate as cells offering a bastard form of immortality in which certain Dark Forces rites are used to turn the initiate into a free willed & intelligent wraith. These beings travel from one city to another citing victims or families for extortion, terror, & murder. All of these acts are done in the demon lord's name.

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