Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dark Naga Adventures - Hastur Mythos Adventures Path & Commentary

"Immediately following the events of Confronting Hastur, the characters wake up in Carcosa and are greeted by a broken man who tells them they only have a day to escape the plane before becoming permanent residents. The way home appears to require them to confront a demon lady and the three demon brothers who constantly vie for her attention and their domains within Carcosa. A land teeming with minor demons, humans, and three powerful Abrar, dreadful demon lords. Pressed for time, the party members find themselves pawns in the petty games of the brothers as they claw their way to worship before the lovely Grushka, the Abrar who runs Carcosa while Hastur slumbers. Their search for a way home reveals rumors of a way to trap Hastur in a longer, deeper slumber, giving their world peace from his attempts to invade for hundreds of millennia to come. Will they work to go home, or will they chance eternal damnation to save their world?"
So this is the Dark Naga Adventures take on Hastur & his Mythos, right off the bat they've taken things in a very different direction then most other OSR & fifth edition publishers. You know what given the madness of Hastur I don't have any problem with that as a dungeon master. Dark Naga Adventures has been running the PC's through this adventure gauntlet.

 I'm not going to lie folks I've had a problem with fifth edition since the beginning but this does look like a very well designed adventure. When it comes Dark Naga Adventures Kevin Watson has been friend for a while not simply on Face book but via the internet. So I was asked to take a look at his latest venture into Kickstarter. Shrugs so  this is a fifth edition adventure, knowing this publishing company the way I do there will be an OSR follow up for Carcosa. Given the fact that I have the patience of a gnat I'd be taking the fifth edition adventure & OSRing it to my favorite retroclone system. Why?! Well because I love adapt adventures to fit the campaign expectations & the world.

 Adventure events start in DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil (5e & OSR) From Fat Goblin Games which later on became Dark Naga Adventures. 

The adventures take the PC's from sixth through twelve level if they survive the experience and then get dumped on a crazy mythos plane of insanity. All of this is Kevin Watson's baby and the adventures go like this:
The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil  
The Buried Zikurat  
The City of Talos  
Confronting Hastur 

This is the final chapter & knowing Kevin as I do their going to have to be dealing with a multiplicity of horror & depravity. There are lots of ways of dealing with this series but I'll have to get into that next time kids. Happy Dice Slinging.


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