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1d12 Random High Level Stone Age Supernatural & Occult Encounter Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

Ajax scanned the horizon for a something, he wasn't sure why his palms felt weird. Those strange dreams had started again. There was nothing on the horizon & then suddenly out of the heat they appeared. Haggard, dressed in rags, & surrounded by a buzzing of flies a group of twelve subhuman warriors moved weirdly down the old game trail.
Ajax woke Evin with a start,'They're here about three hours ride away. We've got to get the horses, & break camp quickly'. 

'Right' Evin knew better then to run afoul of his blood brother's hunches. He drank the last of his Traesian cold tea & the ate his rations as he packed.
'Leave nothing behind, not a trace brother, for they belong to something else. I'd swear they were part spirit.', Ajax was nervous which made Evin even more wary. His sword felt heavy by his side for the second time this morning. The first was when his blood brother woke him. The air seemed heavy & pregnant with deadly possibilities. 

Adventurers on the road in Stone Age areas can run into the unexpected & the unexplained. There are those beings who cross the paths of adventurers that can alter their lives forever. These encounters are tinged with destiny & more then some horror. Adventurers should be very wary when encountering these wanderers of the wastelands.

These wanderers are hold outs, possible mutants, & others cast out from their various tribes for taboo reasons. There is more then a little fear surrounding these beings, for animals & monsters of 2 hit dice or less a low level fear spell surrounds these beings. There is a 20% chance when encountering them that this aura is active. Animals, small children, old people, & even other hardened adventurers will try to flee from these beings.

Encounters with such beings often seem to be surrounded by destiny & fate. There is a 10% chance that such encounters may be seen as life altering signs by shamans,wizards, clerics  & other tribal leaders.

1d12 Random High Level Stone Age Supernatural & Occult Encounter Table 

  1. Small cave man warrior has a spirit of hunger bound into his flesh. Anyone who who sees him will try to drive him away! Anyone attacking, pushing, or even taunting him with physical action will release the evil vrock spirit within his flesh.
    This vrock is a nasty spirit of chaos & evil. It has all of the standard powers & three times per day anyone within a 2o yard radius can be sent  into a  berserk state with hunger. Any PC's within the zone of evil must save vs spells or try to consume strangers, friends, or relatives. As they do this horrid act they will chant the dead gods spell of evil which has a 5% chance of summoning more of these horrors. Killing the poor possessed fool has a 60% chance of freeing the spirit to take possession of another. The demon spirit is then free to take on 1d4 more victims of its evil. An 8th level shaman can bind the demon to the flesh of another in a dangerous rite. The demon will be harmlessly bound into the living flesh of such a person.
  2. 1d6 strange tattooed  4th level warriors tainted with the 'plague of the ages' wanders from place to place seeking a good & honorable death. Those who engage them will age 1d20 years & become tainted with the occult power of entropy. Unless a save vs spell is made the weird entropic energies will infect PC's after 1d10 minutes. They will be slightly out of sink with normal reality making it difficult to understand them. These beings will no longer have to eat and food will turn to ash in their mouths.
  3. The Thin Ones there will be 1d8 of these warriors. These strange beings appear as normal cave men but in actuality they are beings whose outer form masks the alien hell worms within. Each one contains a larva as per the Monster Manual AD&D first edition. These things are small enough to force their way into the mouths of their victims. The victim is now under the control of the worm. These beings are damned souls who have escaped from the previous incarnation of the world & now seek to cause mayhem & chaos wherever they go. 
  4. A 7th level Stone Age black wizard who has fallen afoul of the Dark Forces now wanders with 1d8 warriors looking for the demon who has escaped him with his black soul. He is mad & very dangerous, he will promise anything to get the soul back but also is psychotically murderous. 
  5. A cave man whose eyes have been replaced by entropic eye implants he's escaped his master. This being can see into many alternative dimensions & worlds but also eleven possible futures. Once per day the eyes can create a blast with 2d6 points of damage in a twenty foot radius. His black wizard master will do anything to get this poor sap back.
  6. 1d6 undead foot soldiers of a black wizardess that seeks her dead husband. These undead are well preserved & can move around in daylight. They have the abilities of mummies and can lay a minor curse on those who displease them. 
  7. A lone cave man with 1d10 mutations that is caught between realities. The poor fool will infect anyone he comes across should he touch them unless a save vs spell is made. There are 1d6 versions of him that split from the main cave man after 3 rounds. These can be found with a 50 foot radius of the main person. They will reassemble after 5 rounds. This thing mostly whines, screams, & grunts.
  8. A 6th level fighter & hunter killed 1d8 years ago now a brutal undead killing machine that seeks someone but whom is unknown. The thing goes out of its way to slay anyone that crosses its path. The thing can and will regenerate as a troll. Its supernatural agenda is unknown. 
  9. A type III demon bound into the flesh of six cavemen that seeks to make war for eternity. This evil hive mind entity is a chaotic mess of a mercenary that will serve any black wizard able to meet its disgusting price. The cave men each have a small portion of the demon's abilities and are bounty hunters for black wizards of all stripes. These beings are cruel & very murderous. 
  10. A cave man that is actually a supernatural android for some unknown alien intelligence. This being is a cold & cruel hunter able to track anyone across miles of unknown territory. This thing seeks some unknown relic & yet will plunder any dungeon for treasure only to destroy it in frustration. The thing sometimes has 1d10 evil minions it recruits by implanting strange cybernetic occult implants. 
  11. An ancient alien bound into the flesh of a tribe of cave men seeks to find its missing relatives but its having a hard time. The alien takes the form of an infectious yellow mold like life form & its on a one man mission of murder & mayhem. There 1d8 yellow musk zombies that it uses as shock troops & a black alien vegetable wizard whose actually a form of yellow musk plant that works for it. 
  12. A whole tribe of cave people who are actually a fully functional cult of the demon god Orcus on a holy mission. They seek an ancient shrine while they pose as traders & merchants but they can't hide the unholy aura of evil that overhangs them.

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