Saturday, June 16, 2018

1d12 Random Mercenaries Encounters Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

Evin crossed the field with purpose & watched the two warriors just emerging from the tree line. They had not seen his position yet. The way they held their spears indicated Jackian spearmen but this meant that they were a long way from home. It could also mean they were desperate & very dangerous individuals.
They didn't see Ajax the half caste warrior until he had circled around them. Asking these men for directions to a city the giant of a man already knew the way too.
Everything seemed to go well with them even though they held their spears in the ready position but Evin had expected this.There wasn't a Jackian wizard nearby or their might have been considerable trouble. The wizards ate their victims especially warriors in order consume their souls & their vitality. But these men were looking for work & asked Ajax for any leads. These were indeed strange times when even the enemies of the Northmen were looking for work through their enemies.
Evin put compound bow down as soon as Ajax began the long trot back to his blood brother's position.

The paths of fortune & glory are littered with adventurers, sell swords, & mercenaries of all stripes. These beings travel along a path shod with violence, gore, & danger. Adventurers are always encountering those in their own trade. These adventurers are often mercenaries given over to the life of adventure, danger, & intrigue. It is the perfect breeding ground for professional contacts in a life style that affords true real friends.

1d12 Random Mercenaries Encounters Table

  1. Uma The Bold - This 3rd level Amazon fighter is on a mission to avenge her family of over 30 years. She is brutal & very dangerous but also determined to have her revenge. She also seeks glory and the head of her sister's murder. 
  2. Tas Rel - This barbarian warrior of the 5th level seeks danger and treasure but will fight for a just cause. He often attaches himself to hopeless causes. 
  3. Rebara The Foolhardy -  This former wizard has turned his attention to the warriors ways but he holds onto the occult as he seeks the demon who drained his family dry. 
  4.  Takus - Warrior who loves his bastard sword & bow with his ancient arrows. He is 4the level but its often that he gets in over his head. 
  5. Hrus -  A sell spell that loves black magick so much that this wizard goes into battle trying to catch a glimpse of certain forbidden Hells that contain the greatest forbidden knowledge. 
  6. Gwir - This viking warrior is on the tract of a sect of demon worshipers who murdered  this man's family to their foul god of death.
  7.  Mary Revus -  A young woman taken from her world & thrust into the heart of this chaotic spider's web of lies and deception. She has become inducted into an Amazon tribe of cultists and warriors. She is now a 5th level warrior on a mission to find & slay her manipulator.
  8.  Randel the Wise -  This wizard of 6th level skill has become the terror of tribes of desert dwellers. He seeks the cup of ages and to slay its assassin owners.
  9.  Ava Rera - This Amazon warrior princess has taken to the life of a sell sword with abandoned as she slays those of a demon cult's army. She seeks the treasures of this order for dangerous occult reasons. 
  10. Dr. Tiss - This vile mercenary assassin seeks the soul of a pure & innocent to protect them from men like himself. He is a ruthless mercenary who seeks redemption on the countless lives he's ruined and family's he's destroyed. 
  11. Cardth Ray -This barbarian chief seeks the black magcians who slayed his entire family. He pays in gold and favors for he's services. 
  12.  Chi Gan - This 5th level mercenary fighter/monk seeks the men who murdered his mother. But he has become disillusioned with his chosen profession but seeks to make amends to those he has wronged!

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