Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mysterious Mutant Murderers Of The Western Wastelands - Olathoë' Session Report Six

So the PC's shook off the assassin's attack from last game & decided to get serious about doing some work around the marketplace of the 'Outpost of  the Western' wastelands. They began doing some investigative work, &began combing the market place for any left behind relics & artifacts. The party began to find that not all of the sellers were what they appeared to be! The Outpost is a type I marketplace ala ACK's with which is part late Roman Empire era fort, tent city, marketplace, and clearing area for many of the goods making it into the lands of Lomar. One of the PC's came across a protective charms against the magick of the
'Alpha  Gnophkehs''s shamans in one of the junk stalls. A chipped & cracked charm marred by a heavy blow!

Then one of the PC's noticed quite a few pieces of space junk from the far away lands of the ruins of one of the major Hyperborean gateways & ancient temples. These pieces consisted of ancient warship plating & carbon scored up pieces that had seen a heat ray in the ancient past. Most of these relics were from the Great land bridge battle fields near the seas of Chaos near the North Sound.  There were also hits form
'Alpha  Gnophkehs' weaponry on these pieces! This pieces came from an area near the ruins of the temple of the chaos gods  Tryphon & Nodens on the otherside of the world.

Then one of the PC's stumbled upon a body of a junk merchant hidden under a tarp & tent equipment. The 'merchant' revealed itself to be a 'Rhan Faced' doppelganger from Western Wastelands! There were more of em! 'Rhan Faced Doppelgangers' are tentacled insect faced doppelganger mutants  who have given their souls over to certain Great Old Ones for the ability to become anyone! These monsters have a twisted form of serial immortality in which they must assume the forms of others every seven days or forfeit a temporary point of wisdom to their god. The process is a sapping of the mind of the creature to feed their god not only their souls but their individuality bit by bit for eternity. They only gain back their identity by murdering & consuming the souls of others. The Rhan Faced Doppelgangers are often seen in attendance within forbidden  cult's ceremonies where the giving of one's self to these monsters is seen as a great honor & sacrament!

 The Rhan Faced Doppelgangers have deep connections to certain heretical assassin's guilds of Lomar & operate within the pay of  'Alpha  Gnophkehs' for certain 'favored' slaves taken as part of the spoils of warfare. One of the doppelgangers dropped a charm during the fight of the Cuckold God of the Gnophkehs! 'The Cuckold God' is a mysterious spiritual entity  that acts as a go between for the proto human's shamans  of the Western wastelands & cannibal cults of the Gnophkehs. Why is it there?! And now what has brought this god thing into the fight?

The PC's also found scraps of parchment & ivory wrapped in Wooly Mammoth hide that had tattoos of weird glyphs  of an unknown writing similar to those they've seen during an incursion into a lair of the Voormis! This may mean a parlay with the Voormis who dwell in the Western Wastelands!

The fight with the Rhan Faced Doppelgangers took up most of the night as did going over the slowly bubbling corpses but the stink isn't going to come out of the PC's clothing. What is happening in the Western Wasteland Outpost?! Do the PC's have time to stop the clock work of events before the forces of  the Gnophkehs invade & destroy everything? Who is the The Cuckold God'? What what other sinister forces are at work on Old Earth? Tune in next week & find out!

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