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1d6 Random Lemurian Death Angels & Ghosts Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places in the wastelands that seem abandoned by time,suspended in another age, & left alone by all. No animals live in these places, the air is still & stale, it seems as if these places are forgotten by all. Most adventurers see these places as perfect picking grounds for relics, treasure, & loot. But locals &  veteran adventurers know better.
These are abodes of Death & her minions, entropy has long since left these places behind, time has slipped its mortal coil here, & now they are the lairs of forces of horror & the end of chaos.

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Those entering these places will smell the stale air which has the smell of vanilla & an under current smell of the faded scent of freshly cut roses. After 30 rounds or so time will seem 'off'' & colors of objects, buildings, & even small items will seem to fade.
After fifteen rounds the grey & lifeless corpses of the former inhabitants will manifest & these announce the arrival of a ghost or angel of Death. These manifestations will politely ask if the PC's have come to die & take advantage of her services? If the PC's have taken any items or treasures from these places the dungeon master  consider them cursed for they are heirlooms of Old Earth. If nothing is taken & the ghost or angel of Death is not attacked & treated politely with the utmost respect she may answer a few questions & grant a boon prophecy for the party.  She may invite a member of the adventurer's party to play a game of chance such as cards or chess for a member of the party's life or for a great treasure in her possess. Those who win such contests have no fear of the curse of Death. Those who are foolish enough to attack a minion or ghost of Death attack these entities as if they were lichs because some of these things are. Those necromancers who seek the path of lichdom sometimes trod a modified path with its origins in 'The Lemurian Death Tenants' a group of scrolls that allow one to serve the negative material plane's powers & Death herself. To obtain these one must find an abode location & petition one of these entities for them. Upon completion of study they will fade back into the clutches of these entities.

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Many of these abode locations sit outside of time & space crossing into several places & eras at once. These entities enjoy picking and choosing their visitors for they sometimes lure adventurers into their abodes to parlay with a mission or side quest for certain objects or other esoteric targets. They do not see themselves as 'evil' but rather fulfilling an enviable public service. They cause the end of eras & cycles of time to move on. Death is a small mercy to mankind & near humanoid kind.
Once per year they may take on the guise of mortal flesh for one solid year & a day. Some manifestations have parented bloodlines & families across the dimensions. Often times these are some of the most accomplished necromancer & clerical families whose traditions are steeped deeply in the lore of death & undeath.

A simple monster summoning or necrotic summons spell will call one of these entities up but they are not bound by many of the strictures of necromancy. They hate being taken from their charges, abodes, and holy duties. Many necromancers may pilgrimages to the spirits of Death's abodes which are far safer means to approach them.  Much of our knowledge of these spirits and their habits comes from a lost Lemurian order of death priests & necromancers.

1d6 Random Lemurian Death Angels
& Ghosts Encounter Table

  1. A six armed minion of Death who was a priestess of a goddess of sex & love. Her village was cut down by plague when she encountered her first angel. Now she has made the pilgrimage into the sacred lichdom after the death of her old goddess. She guards the remains of a large city & its own holy treasures. She often has adventurers find artworks and artists who are needed in the afterlife & underworld. 
  2. Ar'ru The Sacred Skeleton Srur - This weird triple armed warrior of Death was a druid until his grove was cut down by inquisitors three thousand years ago. Now he collects the heads of those who summon death spirits from their sacred duty. He hates those who defile innocents and children with a vengeance. 
  3. Silas Com - This ghost of Death was a necromancer who crossed over when he took the blow for his master a necromancer of an almost god like level. Now he watches over an ancient city of necromancers at the end of time. He often employs adventurers to save works of art from the end of a country or civilization. 
  4. Trus Ran - Master chess player & former necromancer whose skill at playing reality is now matched by his skill at taking down demon cults who spread the will of Orcus. The demon lord  disrupts the balance of things in many dimensions. Adventurers are employed to help in his sacred duties. 
  5. Raore Queors - The sacred general ghost of Death employs adventurers to bring him those warriors & wizards of incredible skill to add to his armies. He fights in the Grand Games of Death often against Odin & other gods of War. His skill guards the planes of death & the underworld against the incursion of dangerous demonic forces. 
  6. The Last One - A ghost of a small alien who works in the employ of Death against the most dangerous of planar forces especially those who destroy the houses of Death which hold the most dangerous wizards & criminals of the gods. She often employs adventurers to bring back the most dangerous escapees from the Underworld prisons.

    The force of suns had waned beyond recall.
    Chaos was re-established over all,
    Where lifeless atoms through forgetful deeps
    Fled unrelated, cold, immusical.

    Above the tumult heaven alone endured;
    Long since the bursting walls of hell had poured
    Demon and damned to peace erstwhile denied,
    Within the Abyss God's might had not immured.

    (He could but thwart it with creative mace. . . .)
    And now it rose about the heavenly Base,
    Mordant at pillars rotten through and through
    Of Matter's last, most firm abiding-place.

    Bastion and minaret began to nod,
    Till all the pile, unmindful of His rod,
    Dissolved in thunder, and the void Abyss
    Caught like a quicksand at the feet of God !
    The Abyss Triumphant  (1912)
    by Clark Ashton Smith

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