Saturday, December 9, 2017

Blood Soaked Murder In The Marketplace - Olathoë' Session Report Five

So while we watch the snow come down here in Connecticut I played catch up by phone with my players & had a bit of a teleconference & quick play with my 'Old Earth' campaign. Old Earth is a setting where Hyperborea has been removed from Earth, the clock is ticking for the return of the Great Old Ones, & the lesser Lovecraftian Earth races have had a series of protracted wars with humanity. We use a combination of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition & Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg system.

The PC's have just made it into the 'Western Wasteland  Outpost' market place & there started hearing rumors of war. The populace is fearing invasion by mutant & raider armies at any moment. The PC's are circulating among the populace & they spotted a very familiar face among the market goers. A renegade assassin from the city of  Olathoë in the employ of a very familiar anti paladin. As soon as he was spotted he bolted into a crowd of market goers & the PC's gave chase.

Now the players are more then a bit paranoid about a cell of assassins operating out of the 'Western Wasteland  Outpost'. What or who are these assassins & what is there connection to the
'Alpha  Gnophkehs'.

The assassins melted but the players saw a couple more pieces of insect style graffiti that they had left behind. A group of bards & storytellers were the last thing the PC's found just as an arrow came flying from a nearby bolt hole.

Things are moving along nicely in the game campaign setting,  system wise  Adventurer, Conqueror, King adds a nice touch of gravitas to the whole affair. Pretty soon I'm thinking of running Domains At War for the invasion for the coming invasion & Lovecraftian warfare.

Meanwhile I've been quietly watching over at Rpg Pundit' s blog while he has recently announced the release of  the Lion & Dragon rpg. This title is an OSR medieval authentic system up coming this coming week.  This is going to be right up my alley folks!

One of the things that I'm finding is that the good quality OSR systems offer a wide variety of options for both the dungeon masters & players alike. This makes play both exciting & varied enough to keep play going for years.

Next game will the player's PC's get taken out by the assassins? What is there connection to
Raz Thru? What about the upper strata political corruption that the players are speculating about & who hired the assassins in the first place? Find out next game!

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