Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mad Murderous Cannibal Warriors Of The Western Wastelands - Olathoë' Session Report Four

The PC's nearly fell into the hands of a tribe of mercenary 'Alpha  Gnophkehs' a higher tier evolved hairy cannibal race who are a later generation of the feared race. They are still  covered in coarse, matted hair but have lost the  large protruding ears and proboscidean noses that marks other warriors. The
'Alpha  Gnophkehs' use armor, musket, and tactics to bring down any human or near humans they run across. Their victims are dragged back to their camps & consumed at the mad cannibal's leisure.These mercenaries use packs of  Undead Crypt Apes to track & bring down prey. These monsters are heavily armed, highly dangerous, & a hold over from the 'War of the Ancient Ones'.

Gurm, Reven Monster ($11.49) by  Ben Siens from Reaper Miniatures
is a solid example of my concept of the 'Alpha  Gnophkehs'  from my game. All rights & trademark for Reaper Miniatures.
So last night the PC's managed to escape from a scout pack of 1d6 'Alpha  Gnophkehs'  who were on a raiding run with some lucky arrow & musket shots. They freed some of the cavemen that the cannibals had captured for that night's supper but then reinforcements were brought in with some smaller mortars.This was to flush the PC's out.

The party high tailed it back to a field & the PC's managed to land a sky ship to take them too the Outpost.
The Outpost is a combination of Roman fort, trading outpost, & well defended camp city who were not welcoming of the PC's because they had just survived a raid recently about two weeks ago & now the PC's were bringing down another possible battle to their doorstep. The PC's were met by Raz Thru a low level Hyperborean merchant prince of low repute who had been assigned to this Thulu forsaken outpost. He's a 4th level explorer ala Adventurer, Conqueror, King and a bit of a lotus addict.

Raz Thru a low level Hyperborean merchant prince of low repute

One of the PC's spotted that Raz Thru was sporting a rather unusual side arm weapon but said nothing. The PC's were lead into the offices of the merchant prince through the Outpost. They noted lots of timber, pole arms, & lots of military weaponry as if the place was preparing for war. They also noted that there was damage to many of the fortification's defenses by rather large claw marks. Here & there was the same insect motif graffiti that the PC's had noted else where in the wastelands. The merchant prince was wondering if they were coming for the annual trade market coming up in the next few days? Because their presence might bring the Gnophkehs's wrath down on the Outpost.
There was of course the usual gossip but missing was the chit chat about the Grand Temple of
Tsathoggua.This is most unusual because the Grand Temple is one of the highlights of the city of 

The Outpost of  the Western wastelands is a type I market & used to funnel all kinds of trade goods,relics, food stuffs, etc. into Lomar acting as a valve for the capital city of Olathoë. Prices here are sometimes doubled depending on equipment and availability. The ruling council of the outpost is both royal & army controlled ala the Adventurer, Conqueror, King rules.  The gods, monsters, etc are modified Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition creations.

So is
Raz Thru lying? Where did that side arm come from? How far up the ladder does the political corruption go? What other unusual treasures could the Outpost be holding? Find out next week in the next chapter in Tales of Old Earth campaign!


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