Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bloodshed In The Western Wastelands - Olathoë' Session Report III

The PC's are going deep into the wastelands of Lomar here their numerous reminders of the 'Fall of Old Earth' when Hyperoborea was taken into the skies. Numerous cults, raiders, & barbarian tribes make their homes here & the PC's are going to be in for a rough time as they make their way to the Hyperborean outpost. I'm drawing from numerous early HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, & other Lovecraft circle writers.

One of the real hazards here is the numerous cross bred monster types that make these lands home. The PC's in last week's game came across numerous manticore spool, tracks, etc. as they made their way across the trails on their way to the outpost. This area was once used by both human & Hyperborean super scientists to breed bio weapons for the War of the Ancients in my game. This all relates back to several adventure campaign elements from last week's game. 
This also has numerous connections to when I ran Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess last year for the players.  The super science & alchemy of the serpent men was on full display for the PC's.

These bio weapons programs dipped deeply into the technologies & energy sources that were highlighted in Beneath The Comet leading to events which destroyed 'Old Earth' or Terra depending on where in the world your talking about.
The Western Wastelands are a hot bed of activity for numerous Lovecraftian races because of this. "the hairy cannibal Gnophkeh" feed on these creatures & draw strength from the various pools of toxic crap left behind by the wrecks of war machines from the underground empire realm of  K'n-yan.
So now let's get briefly into where all of these cross breed rules are coming from? Well there are essentially three places. Gavin Norman's Vivamancer books, 'The Fiend Folio' Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First edition book  & within the Adventurer, Conqueror, King line of books especially the Monsters & Lairs books.

This was a rarefied super science for breeding numerous species of monsters for use as bio weapons for a wide variety of planetary conditions throughout the solar system. Now the secrets only exist within the ruins. Now only herds of wild goats,cattle,  & horses roam the landscape along numerous small tribes of human & near human survivors. 

This brings me right back to the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio & all of those supposedly wacky monsters, umm those are wacky monsters those are  bio weapons on the loose in the Western Wastelands. Given the dangerous weird radiations, sorcerous spills, dimensional gateways, its no wonder that many adventurers are drawn here & die badly. Some people simply disappear.

Which brings me to the question what has happened at the Outpost in the Western Wastelands, why did the PC's find numerous graffti depicting insect god motifs, are they being tracked by a manticore pride, what were the mysterious horse riders watching them from afar last game? Will these & other questions be answered in tonight's game?

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