Thursday, December 7, 2017

1d6 Random Petty Barbarian Warlords NPC's Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always those who live on the fringes of the map, those who refuse to settle down into civilization's ways  lest they become soft & lose the razor edge of being a warrior, bandit, or worse. These men & women are laws unto themselves & Heaven help those who cross those under their protection. These leaders often have to be hard to protect those under their wing from the scourge of the wastelands & the dark forces of the supernatural.

There is a 60% chance of these minor warlords having access to a wizard, shaman, witch doctor, or seer of power. These warlords rely on the magick of a minor wizard or hedge sorcerer to warn them of danger to their tribe or forces. Often these barbarian rabble are made up of a motley crew of outsiders, strangers, outlaws, bandits, and escaped convicts. They often have deep ties to the local thieves guild or a sect of the assassins fraternities or lodges.

There is a 40% chance that for every five or so people there will be a family of 2nd level bandit fighters or brigands. These will have type B loot from raids earlier in the month. There is a 20% chance of them having some minor relic or artifact not even realizing what it is. Knights,cataphracts, & even the occasional paladin sometimes take up this life often because of the shifting political scenes of their countries. These armored warriors are often the leaders of groups of veteran fighters who take up the bandit or warlord  life style.

There is a 10% chance that any of these groups will have type C or better treasure from booty and loot that that will be guarded with a full force of 1st thru 3rd level fighters.

1d6 Random Petty Barbarian Warlords NPC's Table
  1. Ramar Signhi 4th level fighter   - The head of the local resistance movement heads up a desparate gang of cut throats who use some nearby help from the local wizard's guild now & again. He may call upon 1d20 1st level heavies. 
  2.  Raracria The Wise - A 6th level warlock of the blackest stripe of evil, he raids local towns and schools for kids to sell on the slave block. He is assisted by  five  3rd level fighters.He has under his command over thirty warriors and a wizard. 
  3. Stern The Destroyer - This odd human warrior control of the local's gangs as well as his personal borders on a religious fanaticism. There are over 70 members of his gang of cut throats and criminals at his command. 
  4. Zelta Xix - This Amazon warrior is the chief to over 60 gang and brigands under this Amazon's control.She seeks a particular demonic artifact and will kill to get it. 
  5.  Trura The Black Hearted - This evil vile villain is in the employ of a local demon and those whom his men slay have their souls transported to the fiend.This warlord has excellent NPC forces and can rally over a dozen  warriors into his employ. 
  6.  Trus The Barbarian - Trus is an ancient warrior of a mostly extinct tribe of beserkers & thieves who seek to conquer their ancient homeland whist relieving any travelers of valuables that they come across. He has at his command over 15 crack warriors of third level.

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