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1d4 Random Legacy Of The Gods Artifact Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The gods have passed onward from 'Old Earth', the wars of the divine have moved the hearts of men onward. But they have left their marks, traces, & artifacts upon the cold dead landscape. Treasures that are uncovered by the Winter winds after the corpses of the gods lay to rot on the battle fields. Yet mankind might still find a spark of the greatness of their dreams.

Those who find the objects are marked by inhuman & terrible forces beyond human comprehensions. There are giants & far worse that ride the comets between stars waiting for any sign of human warriors finding these objects. They have names such as Wendigo, Surtur, & far worse that the lips of humankind have long forgotten.
For mankind is on his own for the gods have fought the wars & faded only their objects, tools, & weapons remain. What heroes will rise when the demons & giants of legend come for you red bloody handed & ready for battle?

Here then are four tools of the gods that gods have left behind for others to find. Shamans, witch doctors & men of wisdom see them as a curse for they watch the skies for signs of the coming of the thrice cursed comets of deviltry.

These are no mere dungeon dweller weapon, these are the tools that the fates of nations & worlds are decided by. There is a 30% chance of the weapon retaining an alien intelligence & consciousness which will awaken by the appearance & uncovering of both itself & others. These relics can sense others of their kind within a 30 mile radius.

1d4 Random Legacy Of The Gods Artifact Table
  1. Ashu The Spear of Frost & Fire - This bladed spear looks similar to an African or panhandled spear of ancient Assyrian design, it will be rusted & appears brittle. When a warrior of virtue & true heart takes up the spear it will flare with both fire & frost signaling its awakening. The intelligence may 40% chance try to take over its owner/host to continue the battle as it has throughout eternity. There is a 30% chance the blade can cleave through any spell below the fourth level. Four times per day the blade can flame as per a frost brand or flaming sword. Normally it acts as +2 weapon. 
  2.  Mung Wat The Mighty - This strange multi bladed throwing knife can sense the presence of demons within a 60 foot radius and hungers for giant's blood. The knife is a +1 but normally can cut through any spells of darkness or light cast near it. Once per day the blade may flame with holy fire causing 1d6 points of damage to undead, giants, and minor creatures of demonic blood especially orcs. 
  3. Se Lung  The Reed Sword - This strange sword was cast from the river water, a single reed, & the blood of a god of order. The blade moves with supernatural speed as a +2 and can cut the bonds of slavery , closed minds, and summons 1d4 water elementals twice per day. The blade hates giants & Lovecraftian creatures with a churning passion of horror. The sword is sought by an Amazon princess with a blood debt.
  4. Rasz Mock The Earth Mover - A Celtic style sword forged from the dead heart of a Earth king by a king of the humans. The blade moves through an earthen construct like air & is a +1 weapon. The sword has the alien intelligence of a Earth elemental and the heart of a alien king. Once per day it can cause 1d4 minor earthquakes within a mile radius around its owner. This weapon will flame around the presence of frost giants which it hates with a vengeance. The blade carries the pain of each and every owner's death going back to the god who originally owned it.

Thy heart will not believe in love:
Therefore is love become to me
A dream resolved to mockery,
And death and life are less than love.

O, bright and beautiful as flame
Thy hair, and pale thy lips, and eyes
Like seas wherein the waning skies
Of autumn lie in paler flame.

Forevermore thy heart abides,
A dreaming crystal, pure and cold,
Amid whose visions manifold
No shape nor any shade abides.

Thy days are void and vain as death:
The moons and morrows weave for thee
A sleep of light eternally,
Where life is as a dream of death.

Chill as white jewels, or the moon,
And virginal as ice or fire,
Thou knowest life and life's desire
As a bright mirror knows the moon.

Lo, if thy heart believed in love,
It were not more or less to me:
I know thy love a mockery,
And all my dreams less vain than love.
Coldness  (1922)
by Clark Ashton Smith

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