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The Seeds of The Eugenics Wars And Beyond For Your Old School Space Opera Part II

"This is not our world" Campaign 
Seeds of the Eugenic Wars 
Kahn's reign is steeped in blood and violence but his wasn't the only reign baptized in nuclear fire. 

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"Between 1992 and 1996 the world was plunged into controlled chaos as the Eugenics Wars saw the rise of the genetically created supermen." What proceeded the creation of Kahn as well as his ilk and why were these incredibly beautiful monstrous examples of humanity allowed to exist?
What horror preceded Kahn?

Warning  This  Is Another System!
A Very Different 1970's

Hal and his relation systems weren't the first of the A.I.s to awaken. The first was Colossus created in 1970 by Dr. Charles A. Forbin. His ideas were radical and incredibly ground breaking about the nature of intelligence and A.I. 
According to Wiki and declassified information: 
Dr. Charles A. Forbin (Eric Braeden) is the chief designer of a secret government project. He and his team have built an advanced supercomputer, called "Colossus", to control all of the United States and Allied nuclear weapons systems. Colossus is built to be impervious to any attack, encased within a mountain and powered by its own nuclear reactor, filling the area with gamma radiation. 

Moments later the President receives a phone call from the Soviet ambassador stating they would shortly be activating their own version of Colossus, a computer known as "Guardian"
The effects of the relationship between the two machines is well known and their eventual merging into one entity.
"The voice of World Control" in a broadcast to the general population of all countries. It declares that its mission is to prevent war, as it was designed to do so. Mankind is given the choice between the peace of plenty under its authority, or one of "unburied dead". It also states that it had detected the attempt to disarm the missiles and responds by detonating two missiles in their silos with the announced justification "so that you will learn by experience that I do not tolerate interference".

It took clandestine agents and military over two years to deal with World Voice but in time the world recovered. But like all things the horrors of World Voice's reign remained. 

World Control "died" in a fiery nuclear fueled explosion out in the deserts of New Mexico. Of  course this was part of the liner thinking on the part of mankind. World Control would later become the power behind the 'Delos' corporation. The circuit technology sewn into every fiber of many of the androids and replicants that continue to roll off of the Delos assembly line.
The seeds for the control of mankind had already been laid. 

The MegaDungeons of Colossus 
 'Colossus is built to be impervious to any attack, encased within a mountain and powered by its own nuclear reactor, filling the area with gamma radiation. '
Sitting with the side of a mountain powered by its own nuclear reactor is another aspect of Colossus' s A.I. and its had time to evolve and change radically.
 And no one is even aware of its existence. 

Because of the chaos of the 1970 take over and the chaos of the Eugenics Wars, its been forgotten. Forgotten,evolving , changing, and studying. 
Planning who knows what? 

The cycles of A.I. Technology had begun! 
The seeds of A.I. were planted and the jump in 1970's technology allowed the leap forward to new heights. Every aspect of technology had been touched by the tainted hand of World Control. 

The Rise of the Super Human

There were other groups in Asia who looked upon mankind as something to be surpassed. They were looking deep into the human genome as a possible answer to the horrors that Forbin had unleashed upon the world.
The seeds of Kahn go back much further however. The  ground breaking work of  Doctor Reed Richards and Professor Charles Xavier  whose careers and work from 1961 to 1979 are well known.
More To Come. 


  1. Great article. You could probably add Hank Pym who created another AI who got out of control namely Ultron, and have you heard about Demon Seed a movie of seventies based on a novel by Dean Koontz about a sentient computer who tries to impregnate a woman?

  2. Pym is a part of another campaign sort of a variation of the High Tech Mysticism and High Caliber Adventure series that I ran. I ran basically a real time Marvel style game with all of the super heroes of Marvel aging actual time and such from the 60's.
    Demon Seed is an old favorite and there are stats kicking around of Proteus in Devastation Drive II. Basically in this campaign Proteus is a step child of Colossus because the research is way to valuable to destroy.
    You can find stats for the Demon Seed A.I. right over

    Don't worry folks I'll be returning soon to this world of mine!
    Thanks for the comment and there's more to come!


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