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The Mega Dungeons Of LA For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Behold the city of Los Angeles as it could have been
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The future is never quite what you might think it is and its been changing rapidly for decades. Charlie Jane Anders over at Io9 wrote an article about the LA's that never were. These civil plans make perfect fodder for an alternative 'Stars Without Number' Earth Campaign or a look into the days of the Ancients for 'Mutant Future.'
There could well be thousands of miles of tunnels running under the city just waiting to be explored by curious delvers and adventurers with vast store houses of materials and monsters creeping in the shadows of the city of LA. 
The LA civic center would offer any delvers a challenge with its robotic security guardians and robotic lifeforms. More Fritz Lang's Metropolis then from the pen of Frank Lloyd Wright. This place looks like it might have appeared in Blade Runner.
Could this place have been created according to the dictates of some twisted and sinister occult plans? Sure it could after all this is LA.
 Behold the city of Los Angeles as it could have been

The crowning achievement might be the Tower Of Civilization. According to the article "  Nearly 1,300 feet tall and built partly out of magnesium, the Tower of Civilization would have soared over the grounds of the Los Angeles World's Fair." Behold the city of Los Angeles as it could have been
According to the article 
According to the real layout of the city, so if you stand "downtown," you'll see Frank Lloyd Wright's vision for an "acropolis of the city," in place of the Civic Center that actually sits there.
Behold the city of Los Angeles as it could have been
 Using the Mega Dungeons Of LA These visions are incredibly vast in scope  of the city. Entire campaigns could be set within these sprawling megaplexs that seem to wind their way through the collective unconsciousness of their designers.
These cities seem to almost call out to adventurers. There was were two movies that sprang to mind immediately looking over the article. 

Demolition Man seems to have this sort of feel. And might make a perfect backdrop for a Mutant Future style game. Or even a trading location for a Stars Without Number campaign.
 Of course given my passion for the science fiction of the 70's. Nolan's Logan's Run screams for this sort of treatment.

These locations all seem to have a very definite pulp feel to them. Larger then life and twice as massive. Another option is to turn these locations into weird or occult based locals. Really turn up the sword and sorcery vibe. Or heighten the pulp hero for an almost Tim Burton Bat man feel to this location.
Dark brooding towers, weird landscapes, and strange twisted streets make this place an NPC unto itself. 

Another possible campaign option is to use the same location and expand it into different worlds ala The One Movie.
The locations can rapidly change,rearrange and allow the DM to present some totally different plans. 

1d10 Random Monsters In The Mega dungeons of LA 
  1. Art Deco Robot Hit points 2 AC 8 Damage 1d4 on a mission to gather materials for its mad artist master are you part of those materials? 
  2. A group of Cannibalistic Underground Mutant 3 hit points AC 8 1d4 claws. 60% of dangerous mutations. 
  3. A group of explorers moving from one tunnel to another. 3rd level fighters and a 2 level thief in way over their heads.  They are being tracked by a Lovecraftian Ghoul family. Do you help or hinder? 
  4. A mutant troll hunting for its next meal. The thing blends in with the architecture.
    Maximum stats because it feeds and feeds well. 
  5. An art decor techno bird 4 hit points AC 7 Claws and Beak 1d6 damage is actually a scout for an entire flock of these monsters! Real nasty pieces of work looking for victims. 
  6. An entire squad of robots looking for a fugitive who stole their religious object. Hit Points 4 AC 7 Damage 1d4 laser, 1d6 claws or stunners. 
  7. An art critic delver looking over the state of the city. He is protected by a force field but he's actually a ghost caught between times. He will offer advice and critiques but nothing more. 
  8. A remote probe belonging to a sorcerer looking to recruit some adventurers for a dangerous mission. The probe will follow but is unarmed for is scientific mission. 
  9. A group of first level fighter/cultists looking for sacrifices. This a cult of strange beauty worshiping vapid fashion model types armed with chain saws just itching to start a rumble. There are 10 to 15 of these beauties waiting in the wings for trouble. 
  10. A weird phone box style time machine standing by.  

Source and Support Material 
Maps and other proposed civil projects available right here of the vast underground mass transit systems that never were right 

The original  exhibit that inspired this article
right over

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