Monday, August 5, 2013

Free Old School Pulptastic Adventure - The Paranoia Pit From Griffon Publishing Studios

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This free adventure by Peter Schweighofer introduces readers to the exciting world ofHeroes of Rura-Tonga, a roleplaying game supplement presenting source material outlining elements for a 1930s pulp campaign in the South Pacific and five, full-length scenarios. While delivering supplies to a petroleum survey team on a remote island the heroes make a gruesome discovery centering on a mysterious, antediluvian pit. Will they release what they find at the bottom from its ageless imprisonment or will they succumb to the sanity straining whispers growing louder in their minds? Check out this free scenario to get a feel for the kinds of adventures you can play in the Heroes of Rura-Tonga game supplement and adventure collection available from Griffon Publishing Studio.

Using  The Paranoia Pit From Griffon Publishing In Your Old School Campaign 

This is a solid adventure that can easily be turned into an old school island 1930's island  hopping campaign. The type of a campaign where the players are trying to stay one step ahead of the bills, the Japanese, and the Mythos!
 source material outlines elements for a 1930s pulp campaign in the South Pacific and five, full-length scenarios. And while its meant for its own in house rpg system this one can easily be adapted to either Call of Cthulhu, an OD&D campaign, or many others.

This adventure could easily become a gate way drug for a "Lost World" campaign and continue into a full campaign with some work. That's really the bench mark for these quick intro adventures. Do they grab my interest, will they hold the players interest, and can they be pivoted into a full campaign with little problem? 
 Again I'm reminded of Tales of The Gold Monkey, there are elements here that might easily be adapted to even OD&D. An unknown island, weird temples, ancient gods in decline, and more!
 Remember Fortune and glory await! 

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