Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review and Commentary on 100 Weapons For Bikers, Punkers, & Wasteland Warriors From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Here's a good solid way to equip a gang of cut throats and murderous NPC's  in a game of Mutant Future, Planet Motherf*$ker, or any other post apocalyptic game.

The description according to RpgNow: 
100 Weapons For Bikers, Punkers, & Wasteland Warriors
This 100 chart contains 100 different types of weapons, from pistols and rifles to ninja swords and meat cleavers to metal pipes and bits of chain. A quick and easy way to arm those modern era or post apocalyptic thugs.
Random Rolls Include:
01- Semi-Auto Pistol
15- AK-47 Assault Rifle
25- Bullwhip
30- Chainsaw
45- Heckler & Koch G3
50- Homemade 2"x4" Club
60- Meat Cleaver
75- SKS Assault Rifle
90- Thompson Submachine Gun
100- Wooden Paddle
Written By: Dave Woodrum
Page Count: 2 Pages (Includes Cover)

This is a nice quick list for a quick melee or encounter with a well armed gang in either a heavily traveled road or a well armed gang of  warriors in an urban setting. My problem with this product is the lack of examples with such a heavily armed list of one hundred weapons. 
I do realize that balance goes out the window but even in some of the areas of the Post Apocalyptic world a DM might not want PC's armed with Assault rifles and the like unless the encounters are balanced to level. 
However that's not a problem if the DM preps for just such things happening. Rolling for the condition of these items is another factor to consider when using this list. For a dollar this is pretty interesting list and useful list. This for  when you as a DM have your back against the wall and fifteen minutes before your players are arriving.  This is also a nice list for snap encounters in heavily armed turf.
 As with all of the Fishwife Games material there is a consistence of quality, What I really wanted from this product was more. An encounter list of the types of warriors who would be armed with these weapons. A stretch of back woods road where such encounters might take place.

Using 100 Weapons For Bikers, Punkers, & Wasteland Warriors From Fishwife Games

This book is solid for a quick evening's encounters but they've got to be heavy enough. The gangers are going to be bad news. If such weapons are used the game may level up on a number of levels. This list is recommended but with some reservations.
I'd buy that for a dollar.  

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