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Review And Commentary For Chronicle 00 Book One By J. Libby

You can get the game right over HERE
J. Libby has been turning out games for the G Core system for a couple of years now. That's the same system that powers the Marvel Super Heroes game. He's done a metric ton of stuff for the system and this is one of his latest efforts. Its a two hundred and thirty five page monster of a game. 

Using Chronicle 00: Book 1 For An Old School Super Hero game 
We are talking a lot of material for a game set in the world of 2075. This is pretty much a stand alone balls to the walls science fiction game that could possibly be visited by a Marvels Super Heroes party with some really hard core adjustments. The designer understands the material and there are quite a few departures from the normal cyberpunk and super hero tropes here. The game is  and will be deadly during play. The mecha rules are quick and solidly done. The game plays very well from the 30 minute demo I did today with a friend.Character creation actually offers some other options and allows the DM to customize the game the way they want. I could see some plane jumping done for a game to cover a party slipping into this world. Slipping out might be more difficult. This is a world on the edge of destruction with some very dark sociological overtones. The mecha rules are actually complete and fit the setting.  The setting is a bit dark and might surprise players unless they've covered Cyberpunk 2020 style games. The whole game has a near future darkness sort of vibe going for it and I can honestly say its very well done. Much of the Dilly Green Bean Games stuff ranges from 10.00 down to 1.50 and they're products are well worth the price of admission. I should also mention that all of their products are compatible with Marvel Super Heroes with very little effort.
For my purposes this isn't my game. The High Tech Mysticism  & High Caliber Adventure stuff pulls far to much from both Marvel Super Heroes and  Retroclone systems.  That being said I might just have the heroes make a pit stop in the world of 2075 but their going to have to be heavily armed and armored! 
 Four out of Five Stars 
Drivethrurpg Description : 

Every action has repercussions.
That was the lesson in Chronicle 001: Xenomorph Invasion.

But now it's time to go back to the start. To an age of corporations bailing out governments and secrets that will haunt humanity for generations to come. It's time for


It's the year 2075.
The world is coming back from global economic collapse. Governments are finally getting back on their feet and corporations are the heroes. But not all is well.

The US Navy's most hailed hero, Admiral Stane, has gone rogue and taken a whole fleet with him.

The Middle East is in chaos as the Russians, Saudis and Americans fight for peace.

World cities are sprawling out of control.

Natural disasters have killed millions and put whole cities underwater.  

California is no more.

All while two mega-corporations fight for control of the global marketplace with their Mannequin androids.

And somewhere out there.....the Hyperions. A race of sentient robots whose technology has been reverse-engineered by humanity, bringing a new dawn for the apes.

This is it folks! One full year of academic research on cyberpunk and biopunk and another year of translating that into a playable role-playing game.

Playtested brutally!

Hailed as "One of the immersive RPGs out there!"

This is the Chronicle 00 and it's starting right now!

This 235 page FULL color STAND-ALONE RPG includes:
Complete RULES (Powered by G-Core, but rules included)
New HERO and ORIGIN Types!!
Cybernetics! Bionetics! Armor, Gear, and Weapons!
Dozens of NPCs, characters, locations!
Complete rules on Mecha and Machines!
LOADS of deep history and conspiracy!

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